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  • Nov 29, 2020 - 4:40 PM


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    • Member since: 02/16/07
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    • Age: 38
    • First location: Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Relationship Status: Single
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    • Build: Defined
    • Height: 5' 8''
    • Weight: 140 lbs
    • Waist:
    • Chest:
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Red
    • Eye color: Green
    • Ethnicity: White
    • My gym: I train at home
    • Weight training: 4 times per week
      90 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 3 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Sports I like:
    • Other sports I like: The kind where you need a cock up your ass. 2 player game. You make up the rules as you play along.
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    I'm extremely easy to approach and talk to IF you show some manners, communication skills and some COMMON SENSE.
    THE GOLDEN RULE people!

    I know EXACTLY what I'm looking for: A MAN in body and mind, who possesses charm, romance, MUSCLES, health awareness, AND CONSIDERATION, who MAKES TIME for his guy and who is open for DATING!

    Fitness is important but I LOVE days of indulgence!
    BALANCE above all!

    Got the confidence to say that I'm a f***ing catch
    yet I am humble enough to say that I don't know everything and I'm open to experience new things

    Love to cook, especially for someone I care about.
    But I excel in cuddling, snuggling and spooning.


    November 17 2013 - WINTER FRUSTRATIONS or LAZY ASS MEN

    I was on the train back home to Malmo Sweden after a surprisingly nice day at work in Copenhagen. When the train reached Swedish territory and I have internet access I clicked around on all the dozen gay sites and apps I'm on and all of a sudden I saw this older hunky guy in my area that isn't one of those same old boring faces you see every day. Since I have close to photographic memory I realize that this is a guy from the capital with whom I exchanged a few friendly messages many years ago on the Swedish gay website.

    "Is it work that brings you down to the south?" was my initiating message to him, because I fucking HATE conversations like this;
    "hi. hi. How are you? good u? Good." Retards talk like that.
    "In between jobs ... :-)" he replied.

    Me: "and during your working trip you're on grindr because...? :-)"
    Him: "availble and horny!"

    While I was waiting for that last message of his since a few minutes were starting to pass, I tried to find him on Scruff because as you all already know Grindr fucking SUCKS!!! Sent him a woof. Got a woof almost immediately back. Cool, so he seems to like that one pic of me in the tight lime green spandex shirt.

    Me: you look cuddly :-)

    Him: Love to cuddle!

    Me: Same here. Especially with friendly hunky guys ;-)
    He sends me a smiley and 4 pics of him and would you believe it no dick pics. So refreshing. He's so hunky. 6 feet something, unshaven face, a bit droopy eyes, very fit hard looking physique. I send him 4 pics back.

    Him: Sexy guy :-) Handsome

    Me: thanks :-D How long are you in town for?

    Him: Where are you?
    So I tell him that I live 5 minutes by train from Malmo central station. He tells me his location which is 10 min by bus in the opposite direction from the central station.

    Him: Mmm. Too bad we're not neighbors. Wanna be naked with you :-)

    Me: Look at the possibilities. Not the obstacles :-) The logical thing would be that one of us has to move if we're gonna experience some intimacy. The distances are a lot bigger in Stockholm.

    Him: True, and tomorrow I'm heading to the states. (the Us of America in case this was unclear to anyone) And I'm thinking; what does that have to do with anything? But I write 'sure' and I give him my number because I'm thinking that maybe we can find out what would be the easiest for us to do right now as I assumed he was staying with a friend or something only temporarily.

    Me: You're of course more than welcome to come here. Cuddle and sleep together.

    Him: Can't tonight :-((( Want to cuddle and sleep!

    Me: What do you mean you can't? You could've told me this right away if you couldn't meet up.

    Him: Just came from the city by bike! :-(

    Me: that's your excuse? Because you just went biking?

    Him: And that I'm going to the states early tomorrow morning

    For a few minutes I'm just sitting on my couch looking at that last message of his thinking: are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Not really knowing in what direction I wanted to go I simply just barf:

    "Well, yet another chat that was a complete waste of time and false expectations. Being gay is such a delight."


    When you're a whack-job like me who's a vegan, tries to keep fit, not polluting his body with drugs or cigarettes or filthy dicks from mediocre gays who are all pudgy and worn out from all the parties and sex and drugs they've been having around the clock since the minute they came out and all of a sudden there's a guy in your shit hole of a town that's fit, muscular, likes to cuddle and apparently find you attractive who's I swear to God less than 30 minutes away from you and then he tells you it's too far away, and he's tired and he gives you all the excuses in the book, then isn't it understandable that you just wanna barf all over him, both verbally and physically and piss all over every single man on the planet? I mean I seem to have a natural tendency to do this all the time but this time it's justified.

    So all you guys living in Weedhole Oklahoma (That's a MadTv reference) who always seem to get that "too far away" shit from an a-hole New Yorker visiting your town on business, I just want to say that you're not alone out there with your frustations. I need to go and do some Yoga now and then I'm gonna whack like there's no tomorrow.

    Fuck men.


    Sept 10 2013

    So I was feeling a bit crappy yesterday. A slight cold, cold and rainy outside and all I was doing was clicking on the keyboard on my day off. I texted my friend on whatsapp and asked him if he was in the mood for a spicy stew. I thought if he were to come over then I would have a reason to actually leave the couch, go grocery shopping and prepare the meal. His response was an eye-brow-raisingly 'absolutely!'. Being the typical Swede that he is I usually never get such enthusiastic responses from him either online nor in person.

    So we meet up at the grocery store close to my apartment and he starts boring me with all of most recent math assignments at the university. About 50% usually reaches the paying-attention-section of my brain and I try to ask semi-relevant questions every now and then.

    We get to my place and as I unload the groceries I start telling him that I co-posted a review online of this vegan restaurant in Copenhagen. I mentioned that I had gotten a bit disappointed at first this last time at the restaurants because some of my favorite dishes had been replaced with new ones.

    He quickly interrupts me to say that this was a good thing. For whom? I ask, and he continues on by saying that this probably means they make the effort to use seasonal vegetables but how this naturally would make it much more expensive.

    I remind him that we live in Scandinavia and I add "Nothing is seasonal here" What actually grows here is apples and potatoes. That's it. Everything else has to be imported.

    Then he added that he thought it was better to just write about the food instead of writing about the disappointment from not seeing some favorite dishes, assuming that this is what my entire review consisted of.

    There were a few more unnecessary inputs and I end up sighing loudly and letting him know that this is exactly what I thought his inputs were.

    I start cooking and I actually never get to tell him about this review in detail.

    The way he always disagrees with me, never sees things my way or rather how he immediately chooses not to, is unbelievably tiresome. It's been this way ever since I got to know him in high school 10 years ago. There have not been a lot of times where he has openly disagreed with one of my opinions in a bigger crowd, but the few times there were I remember. I've even told him straight up "it would be such a nice feeling if you could agree with me or be on my side just once, even if you don't mean it"
    That's kinda how you want a friend to be like right. Feel like your friend is on your side even if you say or do something stupid. I really don't know what that feels like.

    Today is the first day I seriously got annoyed with him, and I felt like he actually doesn't provide with a lot of positive energy the times when we meet. It's also the first time that I feel like I really deserve a better friend. My thoughts, my carziness, my energy. There is just nothing to bounce back on.
    You wanna have a friend who can inspire you back right? Make you laugh. Do silly things with at times.
    Man what a waste.

    No boyfriend. No one to cuddle up with. Ok job, but the pay is really bad. A sucky friend and we're entering the pitch black 6 month long winter here.
    Not really depressed because these things are not news in any way.
    Just tired of accepting letting myself go to waste here in this country of indifference and cold boring people.

    Clicketty Click ( written in a shady apartment in the shitty town of Barcelona back in 2009)

    So you clicketty click your life away spending more time on all kinds of different gay sites looking for that one and only perfect man online rather than hitting the gym more frequently and shaping your body into the type that would make your own head turn when passing the locker room mirror.

    Guilty as charged? Yes, yes I am. Sure I'm slowly making progress. I don't want to deny that but too many hours of the day I'm mostly clicketty click.And when you're all clicketty click you start to notice things; There are 3 types of profiles. The happy couple profiles, the single guys profiles and the fake profiles. With that being said let me get straight to the point.

    Very fed up with the happy couple profiles. Up to here. Pictures of identically bright smiles. Pictures of hugs from the back, hugs from the front, hugs on the side, hugs in bed, kisses on a cruise, smooches in a shower, cuddles under a palm tree on a frikkin private island in the Caribean sea. GAWD. Ok we get it! We get the frikkin picture. You're gorgeous, you're buff, you're rich and you're happy.And if that wasn't enough, to help get the message across it's written in BLUE BOLD in their profiletext; "HAPPILY PARTNERED" NO WAY! For realz?? You could 've just shot me in the face as a much less painful reminder of how it feels to know that you have noone in your life that looks at you the way you see the guys on these pictures looking at eachother. The pain that runs though your heart when you think about how many years you've been sleeping alone in your bed despite the fact that you love bedly hugs and kisses, spoons and snuggles. Cuz all you really want out of life is to have a kind-hearted man to cuddle up against and with whom sharing small everyday things.

    Somewhere deep in the green gooey masses of jealousy I do feel a small amount of joy and happiness toward these guys who actually have managed to stay sane and healthy in this world and managed to keep a stable realatonship with another guy. Apart from that - Jealous. You bet your ass.

    So then I clicketty click onto a single guys profile. Not one of those pathetic unfit potatoes with nothing but saggy shitty parts who thinks that there will actually be a muscleman out there somewhere who is attracted to a bucket of lard on legs. In this era we're living in? Fat chance.
    No. I clicketty click onto a hunky single guys profile. Washboard abs and really cute too.

    Just as I'm about to write a friendly message (cuz Im fuckin friendly if you didnt know that by know!) I stop and think. Hmm. Good looking. Perfect six-pack but single. Man. He's gotta be a diva a nutcase or a total bitch. But most likely all three. Well so i decide to write anyways. And as always I write more than 2 full sentences and I make it original and cute.

    He reads it. Looks at my profile. Doesn't reply. Total faggot bitch.

    I can just imagine what he was thinking as he clicked onto my profile: "Oh goodness of all yawns in slumberland, why would I, perfectly tanned Brian with 30 inch biceps ever even bother to reply to someone who doesn't even have half my size in muscles?? Why oh why?"

    Knew it all along. I just got it confirmed.

    Course he wouldnt actually say it like that. He would say "Duuuuhhhh need more 'roids" and then he'd walk off and go Needlemeister on his ass. Are you beginning to see my dilema?

    Am I ready for a boyfriend if he would come along? Probably not. At least not now. Pretty messed up inside me brainz. Well at least when I voice my inner thoughts like now at 4 AM in this smokey mediterranean town of Barcelona in which I am currently unemployed.

    As long as i just keep my mouth shut I can just spoon and cuddle the days away when I've found my hunk and listen to him instead. That is, if he'd even wanna talk. The guys I tend to fall for are the type who have zippers where their lips should be.

    Agh. Men.


    I tend to overanalyze things. I love a good conversation followed by a long intimate cuddle. I'm extremely cuddly and I'd say I'm pretty damn good at it too. I'm all about honesty. I'm spunky, spontaneous, and very creative. I speak swedish (I'm swedish), english, spanish, french, and now some danish (GAG).I love to express myself with words. By talking or on paper. Writing is my passion. I also draw and dance alot (just for fun). Did I mention I love cuddling?


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