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  • Jan 16, 2021 - 3:11 AM


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    • Member since: 10/23/07
    • Last active: More than a week ago
    • Age: 32
    • First location: Austin, Texas, United States
    • Second location: Pflugerville, Texas, United States
    • Relationship Status: Single
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    My Stats and Info

    • Build: Muscular
    • Height: 5' 11''
    • Weight: 155 lbs
    • Waist: 29 inches
    • Chest: 38 inches
    • Arms:
    • Hair color: Salt and Pepper
    • Eye color: Brown
    • Ethnicity: Latino
    • My gym: My home. Austin Boulder Project
    • Weight training: 1 times per week
      50 minutes per session
    • Cardio training: 1 times per week
      60 minutes per session
    • Sports I like: Boxing, Crossfit, Hiking, Martial arts, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, Weight training
    • Other sports I like: Dancing. I am in ballet, and other latino dances (merenge, salsa). Might as well be sports...

      Capoeira is so fun!...but it's a bitch!!

      i had to quit capoeria...sad day.still got ballet

      and now Hip Hop!
    • HIV status: HIV -
    • Safer sex?: Always


    i am myself. Crazy, outspoken, funny, expressive, good-two shoe self. Though i do end up saying the most outrageous, mind blowing crap.

    Alright at this time i didn't(don't) want to do the whole nine yard of explaining my self (mainly because it would be way..way..way.. too long.) SO, if you wish to know sum'um bout me. Just ask. I am a pretty nice guy.

    Alright, so in my long absence, quite a few things have changed, on and off RJ. A)single again (then again...I never posted that I was taken so mute point), B) I've been dancing a lot more and doing more martial arts, C) New job and new people. Good times and new experience...always a plus, and most importantly 4) I've gotten more defined and over all more confident in myself...I'm still that shy guy if I happen to be into you. (Excuse the run on sentence but yeah) So all around, I think a new and improved Elderthlas (Now is Sayrnas...not much of an elder) is on it's way! Though, I am sad I have to cut back on my volunteering work since I now work over night.

    Working over night is hard,,,Up at all times of the day and gotta do junk...Gah. But I luff it!! The people I work with kick ze boo-tay! There are some fine people where I work it's unreal...cept it's real! Need to be working out more then I am, but /shurg. <---that's nerd talk right there. Anyways, I have really gotten into rockclimbin'. Just about going every week or so and let me tell you...Thumbs up. I know this part isn't for bloging...but generic paragraphs on who you think you are just some times give the wrong impression. (see can't spell...lil tid bit bout me)

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    So yeah...I'm the flash apparently...I can see it but i wanna fly!

    What's new!

    Well I bought a car! (Awesome sauce) My skin is getting better! (About Gor'ram time!!!) My job is bad ass!(If only you all knew what it was QQ sad bears) I'm getting a word "Sexy!" (I should have more pics coming up in the next few weeks) Things are just looking up. Over all goodness. I hope anyone who reads this is also sharing my luck. ^_^

    Alright, so some time has pasted since I up dated this thing. My computers died, I just got of of working 11 hour (overnight) days ( Been on that since April and I was beginning to crack.), and I think I got a tiny bit taller.

    Good news is a gained 2 lbs...YAY! I'm doing more Capoeira and more Ballet. Even better is my skin is clearin' up so there is a lot of win!

    Few weeks have gone by since I last up dated this. I just got working internet in my home after a year. Got a boyfriend...lost a boyfriend. Went to too many funerals. Been to the hospital to visit my sister too many times (meaning should should be home but we are getting there!!) Learned a few things. Stopped doing Capoeira (which is really sad. I really liked it but just ran out of time) but picked up Hip Hop! Skin is still clearing up (which is awesome). I love my job. I love my friend (gah, I have the best friends in the world).Love my family. Love me for me.

    All in all, this year maybe the hardest overall but it's been so very worth it and I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings.

    What the hell, I'm up late anyways! Update time! Things are back in the up and up. Still have people in the hospital but they are going to get better! (I'm wearing my yellow band for you both) I've been feeling alone, which is the weirdest thing. I'm surrounded by people who love me and I love them but I'm still...alone. I want a boyfriend but I don't know what I want? So many things goin' on in my head. I'm very much an independent person. I'll go to great lengths to help pretty much anyone...but the second I need help, I close off and only ask when it's extremely necessary. So, to "need" someone is very...alien.I am workin' on the asking for help thing;(yes, I'm using a semi-colon) and after some thought, I realize that I am just looking for my team mate. My partner. That person we are all looking for. Until if find that guy though, I'll keep on workin' to get myself to the best place I can be. If my job has taught me anything, it's to be constantly evolving for the better. Dance is taking on a whole new life for me. I'm teaching more and more, I'm doing more and more choreography (which I'm totally in love with), and to top it all off, all dances we are working on (both the ballet and the hip hop numbers)are really really good. I'm a brutally honest person and when I say stuff is good...stuff is good. And my life is good.

    6/18/2012 Honestly, it's been an eon since I updated this. Things are still pretty damn awesome. Still at my lovely job but now I'm aiming for higher than what it's willing to teach me at the moment. Hopefully, I can have my cake and eat it too and get both in the end.

    Speaking of which. I regressed a lot. My main profile pic is me at 156 and now I'm 147. I dare dread into adult picture land but in reality...that's how low I wear my pants. I'm not concerned. Back to the ranch, I am kicking things into gear again once my new shift begins where I work a 9 to 6 shift. That means more dancing, that means more time to work on my career, but more importantly...I'm starting crossfit. I like to do extreme sports or something really really intensive. I did rock climbing. Then I did Capoeira. Started Gymnastics (very very little) and now crossfit. I am going to get my 156 body back and this time... I know how to eat right! Once I hit that mark, 160 better be runnin' for cover!

    Personal life. I have the best people in myself. I love you all. You all rock. You make me so happy. Projects are going well. Just finished a recital (if anyone wants me to post my Alice in Wonderland pics, i'll post the ones of me cuz I was the mad hatter and I haven't gotten anyone else's permission to post them outside of the book of faces...). Writing more. Playing league of legends...playing league of legends...

    I love you life.


    OMG What?!!?? I got Motd?! Thank you all so much!


    Seriously, bout four years since I have updated this thing. In that time, life's thrown all sorts of crazy my way. Car accidents, Tons of Crossfit. 0 Crossfit. Brain surgeries for my sister. Brain surgeries again. Death. Heart attacks. Gaslighting. Gaslighting again. Losing life long friendships. Missing out on opportunities. Not being where I want in my career and just losin' myself...

    And I still wouldn't trade a damn thing.

    Life would be so boring if everything went exactly as planned. I have learned so much over these last four years and have gotten to do crazy things. I have my name in 13 AAA video Games. I have made 3 Indie video games of my own. I have now mentored others in makin' their own video games. I am now workin' on a new huge project. AND! I'm now a playwright having written two ballets/plays. These are career things I am proud of but what I am most proud of - lucky to have - is all the friends I do. I cannot believe I have gotten to meet and stay in touch with so many wonderful people and I hope to make even more connections. I have had to learn the lesson that not everyone is meant to dance well together, there no reason to try and be friends anyways.

    My current goals are to become a Project Manager/Producer and then own my own business - I want it. I want them both. I've wanted them both SO LONG. I'M NOT STOPPING TIL I GET UM! - while I focus on what makes me outside of work. More Food. More traveling. More working out. More martial arts. More rock climbing. More volunteering. More Kingdom Hearts. There's so much that I want to do and I am gettin' all done as quick as I can!

    Thank you everyone for your support. Getting MotD recently really touched me and I cannot thank you all enough for A) reading this crazy journal, b) for all of your kind words, and c) sharing a bit of you with me even in your passing by my page. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Welp!! I did it. I finally flipin' did it. I got my Dream Job as a producer. I work with freakin' amazing people. I work at a great place. My personal life is awesome. My work outs need to get better but they are on an upswing. Things are fantastic and all goes to show that dedication makes your goals a reality. Things are scary but that's because it is uncharted water and there's no place I'd rather be. Thank you all for being a part of my journey.


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