Grains and Starches: Overview and Serving Sizes

This overview of healthy grains and starches (G&S) and G&S serving sizes is part of the Healthy Weight-Loss Program.

Grains and starches are carbohydrates. This food group includes whole grains and breads, starchy vegetables, and legumes. Choose your G&S allowances from any of the foods below. It is important that you eat whole-grain varieties whenever possible, as grains that have been refined lose many of their nutritional benefits.

Type Food Serving Size
Breads Bagel, Whole Wheat 1/4 (1 oz.)
Breads Crackers, Whole Wheat, No Fat Added 2 - 5 (3/4 oz.)
Breads Croutons, Whole Wheat 1 cup
Breads English Muffine, Whole Wheat 1/4
Breads Hamburger Bun, Whole Wheat 1/2 (1 oz.)
Breads Hot Dog Bun, Whole Wheat 1/2
Breads Melba Toasts 4 slices
Breads Pita, Whole Wheat, 6" Across 1/2
Breads Pumpernickel Break 1 Slice
Breads Rice Cakes, Whole Wheat 2
Breads Roll, Whole Wheat 1 (1 oz.)
Breads Rye Bread 1 slice
Breads Tortilla, Whole Wheat, 6" Across 1/4 (1 oz.)
Breads Bagel, Whole Wheat 1/4 (1 oz.)
Grains Barley 1/2 cup
Grains Bran Cereal 1/2 cup
Grains Brown Rice 1/2 cup
Grains Buckwheat 1/2 cup
Grains Bulgur 1/2 cup
Grains Cereal, Whole Wheat 1/2 cup
Grains Couscous, Whole Wheat 1/2 cup
Grains Granola, Low fat 1/4 cup
Grains Grape Nuts 1/4 cup
Grains Kasha 1/2 cup
Grains Macaroni, Whole Wheat 1/2 cup
Grains Millet 1/2 cup
Grains Muesli 1/2 cup
Grains Oats 1/2 cup
Grains Pasta, Whole Wheat 1/2 cup
Grains Quinoa 1/2 cup
Grains Shredded Wheat 1/2 cup
Grains Wheat Germ 3 Tbsp.
Type Food Serving Size
Starchy Vegetables Corn 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Corn on Cob, Large 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Mixed Vegetables with Corn, Peas, or Pasta 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Peas, Green 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Plantain 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Potato, Boiled or Steamed 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Potato, Baked with Skin 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Potato, Mashed 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Squash, Winter (Acorns, Butternut, Pumpkin) 1/2 cup
Starchy Vegetables Yam, Sweet Potato, Plain 1/2 cup
Legumes Beans and Peas (Garbanzo, Pinto, Kidney, White, Split, Black-Eyed) 1/2 cup
Legumes Lima Beans 1/2 cup
Legumes Lentils 1/2 cup