• Photo for RealJock Bootcamp Resort Contest: We Have a Winner!
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chad Taylor

RealJock Bootcamp Resort Contest: We Have a Winner!

By RealJock Staff

On April 26, more than 500 gay men will head to Club Atlantis Cancun for seven days of fun in the sun—plus some intense bootcamp training with fitness experts Billy Polson and Mike Clausen, creators of RealJock's body-crunching 12-Week Workout programs.

Who will be going with them? (Sound of Oscars-style awards envelope opening.)

Congratulations to Chizzad, winner of the RealJock Bootcamp Resort Contest!

Meet Chizzad
A big hurrah for Chizzad—also known as Chad—a full-time firefighter who lives in smaller-town North Carolina and has the sweet Southern drawl to prove it.

It was a pretty close contest, but in the end Chad received the most votes from RealJock's Verified members. As winner of the RealJock Bootcamp Resort Contest, Chad will receive full airfare and lodging at the Club Atlantis Cancun resort from April 26 to May 3, 2008. He has also won a free photo shoot with celebrated gay photographer Tom Bianchi, who will be at Club Atlantis Cancun for the occasion.

A Bit More About Chad
Chad is a long-term member of RealJock with a lot of mutual buddies and testimonials to prove it. A long-term resident of smaller-town North Carolina, he's in a serious relationship with RealJock member Lawson, also known as Gunner. Good news for Gunner: Atlantis Events has agreed to put Gunner up for the week as well so that these two lovebirds don't have to be separated. RealJock would like to say a big thank you to Atlantis for this generous offer.

Chad has been a full-time firefighter for about four years but served as a temporary employee, a reserve firefighter, and a volunteer firefighter before that. He told RealJock that he loved his firefighting job because "it is forever changing and you never know what is coming next."

"I also love the fact that some people really benefit from the job I do, whether they are having a medical issue or their home is on fire," he added. "Last but not least I love the rush that comes with fighting a blaze, knowing that a lot of good can be created out of someone's worst day by helping them salvage all that is possible."

Why He Won—A Not-So-Scientific Survey
As you may remember, the RealJock Bootcamp Contest asked voters to choose the profile that they felt was the most inspirational and creative. Being the curious fellows we are, RealJock conducted a random survey of some of the members who voted for Chizzad. For your info and entertainment, here are the primary reasons we were given that people voted for Chizzad:

  1. I know Chad and like him a lot: A significant number of the voters know Chad from the site and said they really like him. We hear he's an "awesome" and "genuine" guy.
  2. He's a firefighter, which is truly inspirational: We'd have to agree; firefighters are heroes.
  3. He had a great / complete profile: You can't argue with that. Chad has tons of photos, music, video, an extensive About Me section, plus a lot of testimonials from other RealJock members.
  4. He's in chat. I voted for guys I know from chat: It's interesting to note that guys who frequent chat and/or forums received more votes in the contest, probably because they tend to be more visible and have more mutual buddies.
  5. He has an incredible body that inspires me: Admiration of Chizzad's physique led at least several members to vote for him.
  6. "Chizzad is totally hot!" Of course he is...
Again, a big congratulations to Chizzad! Check back in May for photos from the trip, courtesy of Tom Bianchi. And for those of you attending the event, we can't wait to meet you (and train the heck out of you!).