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Gaming Meets Fitness—Will You Try the Wii Fit?

By Ben Johnson

This week Nintendo officially launched the much-hyped Nintendo Wii Fit, the follow-up product to the hugely popular Nintendo Wii gaming console that put Nintendo back on the map with its awesomely entertaining (and somewhat sweat-inducing) games like Boxing, Golf, and Rock Band.

The Wii Fit is Nintendo's fitness-focused gaming product that aims to continue to take gaming away from the purely sedentary and into serious—or at least moderately serious—fitness. With a ton of pre-launch press coverage and a smart ad campaign featuring hipsters in track suits getting their heart rate up on the Wii Fit, the product has already sold out just about everywhere.

So just what is the Wii Fit? It's a $90 pressure-sensitive piece of peripheral hardware that stands about one inch high and looks something like a bathroom scale. To play the Wii Fit you actually stand on it, at which point you can participate in more than 45 activities, games, and exercises, including a wide range of aerobic, strength training, balance, and yoga challenges.

Using the Wii, you begin by setting up a personal profile that tracks basic fitness metrics like the Body Mass Index (BMI) and balance levels. Once the Wii Fit has the basics, you can dive right in to a wide array of activities, ranging from torso twists and triceps extensions to Hula Hoop, ski slalom, and downward-facing dog. As you continue to use it, the Wii scores performance and tracks your performance, weight loss, and so on, allowing you to see over time if you're improving your fitness level.

More information about the product can be found at the Nintendo web site. Initial reviews (see 1 2 and 3) have been generally positive, although the consensus seems not surprisingly to be that the product is more appropriate for those trying to avoid turning into a couch potato than those who are already active and fit.

RealJock Poll: Would You Use the Wii Fit?
Here at RealJock, we're all for innovation. Heck, we've been known to buy a few gadgets ourselves. That said—and we're well aware we're aging ourselves here—we're a bit more inclined to leave the house to get our workouts in. Still, if the Wii Fit is anywhere near as fun as Rock Band, we assume people everywhere will soon become obsessed with it.

So what do you think about the Wii Fit? Would you use one? Take the RealJock poll below: