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Bigger, Faster, Stronger: New Film Explores Steroid Use in America

By J. Titterton

"There's something simply un-American about this."—Senator Joseph Biden, talking about the use of anabolic steroids to enhance athletic performance.

Head to just about any gym in the country—gay, straight, or otherwise—and you'll see obvious evidence of anabolic steroid use. We're not talking needles on the locker room floor—we're talking acres upon acres of seriously huge muscle. Of course, many gay men take steroids for doctor-prescribed purposes—primarily as a treatment to stop the wasting brought on by HIV. But numerous surveys and studies have shown that increasing numbers of men of all sexual stripes are taking steroids for the sole purpose of improving their athletic performance and/or appearance.

Want to learn all about the world of steroids and have a good night of entertainment in the bargain? A new documentary film called Bigger, Faster, Stronger explores the fast-growing underground culture of performance-enhancing drugs in America, trying to answer the who, what, where, when and whys that have caused the steroid phenomena. Brought to theaters by the producers of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, the film takes a similarly in-depth but also comedic look at the world of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs like human growth hormone (HGH), jumping from political speeches by President Bush to professional sports athletes busted for illegal drug use to the grimy gyms of serious muscle heads and power lifters.

The film centers around the narrative of the movie's director, Christopher Bell, and his two brothers, who grew up worshipping Hulk Hogan, Sylvestor Stallone, and other muscle gods and—like the men they idolized—ended up taking performance-enhancing drugs to realize their particular dreams. Bell ended up stopping his own usage shortly after he started, but his brothers continued to use them.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger has received critical acclaim at the film festivals where it has played and in the press. The film opens Friday, May 30 in New York City and Los Angeles, and in wider release on June 6. See Magnolia Pictures' release schedule to see if and when it's playing near you.

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Check out the Bigger, Faster, Stronger trailer, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

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