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Feel the Beat: Changes to RealJock Video and Music

By RealJock Staff

In our ongoing quest to achieve global domination (so far, not so good), RealJock is pleased to announce some important changes to member video and music. Learn more below:

Video Changes: Embed Any YouTube Video
In the previous version of RealJock member video, members could only import videos that they already had uploaded to their YouTube account. In order to simplify things further, we've modified video to make it super simple: Now you just add any YouTube embed code in the Video Manager and it will automatically show up in the video portion of your profile.

Why not embed the video into the About Me or other sections of your profile? Well, you still can. However, in the coming weeks we plan to launch video ratings and searchable video on the site. Videos you add to the Video Manager will show up in these searches, so we encourage you to do just that.

Make your profile (and RealJock) a little more lively: Add some cool videos to your profile.

Music Changes: A Better Player with Autoplay and Shuffle
To make things easier and cut down on technical upload problems, we've switched to a new, significantly better music player. Just go to the Music Manager to upload any MP3 file.

You may already have noticed the new music player on member profiles. You—the viewer—can set the Autoplay and Shuffle to on or off. If you don't want the music to play when you visit a profile, set it to Off.

Groove to the music: Add some new music to your profile.

Have a great weekend, and happy pride month to all.

Team RealJock