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Which RealJock 12-Week Workout Is Right for You?

By RealJock Staff

Want to get in the best shape of your life? RealJock's expert trainers have designed four RealJock 12-Week Workout programs to cover the full spectrum from beginner to elite athlete. Below is a guide to each program, so that you can decide which one makes sense for your goals and fitness levels. Happy lifting!

RealJock Complete Strength 12-Week Workout Program
Super trainer Billy Polson's latest 12-week workout program is based on the most current research available and is the intelligent man's workout based on efficient training, concise variable manipulation and proven methods for developing athletic strength. That means that it will help you develop real strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, as well as cardiovascular health. By training smartly and using exercise variables correctly, you will be able to build strength and hypertrophy as well as achieve the body composition results you want without having to go the gym every day, without doing hours of monotonous cardio, and without doing boring workouts. Polson developed the Complete Strength 12-Week Workout program so that all levels, from beginners to advanced, can benefit from it. For more information, see the Complete Strength Workout Program Overview.

RealJock Strength Foundation 12-Week Workout Program
Strength Foundation is the brainchild of Devin Wicks, the fitness operations director at the University of California, Berkeley, and a strength coach to some of the university's elite sports teams. He created this as a "get you off the couch" program—Strength Foundation is made for the guy who has never worked out, or hasn't worked out in a long time. The exercises are basic, the expectations manageable, but the program is progressive, and takes you through the beginning stages of exercise up to a serious lifting and cardio program. Wicks divided the Strength Foundation program into three month-long segments, each with clear goals and expectations. As you go, you'll learn all the basic exercises of a lifting program, and how to handle yourself in the gym. With this program as a basis, you will be able to move on to the more difficult 12-week programs—or another lifting and cardio regimen—and push yourself much harder at the gym. Be safe—use the Strength Foundation program to lay a foundation before you go nuts in the gym. To get a more complete explanation of the program, see the Strength Foundation Workout Program Overview.

RealJock Muscle-Building 12-Week Workout Program
The Muscle-Building program was designed by Mike Clausen, co-owner of Diakadi Body training gym in San Francisco, voted best personal training gym in San Francisco by CitySearch in 2006 and 2007. Mike's program is an intense weight-lifting regimen, with the goal to help you put on substantial bulk and develop bigger, stronger muscles. Yet the exercises are put together to also encourage functional training—the kind of strength you need for sports and everyday living, not just to look good. Like Strength Foundation, this program is meant to be progressive, but starting from a higher level of base fitness. This program uses many simple exercises that you may already be familiar with, but the addition of supersets (which string exercises back-to-back, without breaks) adds a very high degree of intensity, and takes your muscles to true fatigue. The Muscle-Building program will take you from working a basic individual muscle group program all the way up to an explosive power program meant to get the absolute max out of your muscles. For more information, see the Muscle-Building Workout Program Overview.

RealJock Strong and Lean 12-Week Workout Program
Strong and Lean creator Billy Polson, founder and co-owner of Diakadi Body, is no run-of-the-mill trainer. Men's Journal named Billy a Top 100 trainer in 2005, and last year the San Francisco Chronicle named him a Top 10 Bay Area trainer. Billy designed the Strong and Lean program to help you develop lean, functionally strong muscle—the kind of muscle seen on competitive athletes—rather than primarily bulk or mass. This is the most difficult of the programs from the point of view of the shear complexity of the exercises—but you spend two weeks on each set of exercises, giving you time to track your own improvement, and build your skill set. The exercises challenge your entire body in unique ways that will test your limits and build, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility. If you follow this program correctly you should not only develop more lean muscle mass—you should also be able to leap higher, run faster, pivot quicker, and see new definition in muscles you didn't even know you had. To get started, see the Strong and Lean Workout Program Overview.