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Lose Your Excess Baggage: Enter the RealJock Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge!

By RealJock Staff

Are you looking to lose 20 pounds or more? Would you like some help from a team of expert nutritionists? How about a little support from the RealJock community?

Then we've got good news for you. RealJock has teamed up with Nutrition for You, the interactive online weight-management web site founded by nutrition expert Manuel Villacorta, to create a fall weight-loss challenge exclusively for RealJock members. For the next two weeks we'll be collecting entries (see below for details) and will pick a handful of brave men to be contestants on the site for a 10-week weight-loss challenge starting in early September and running through November 15. In return for getting all of this free personalized weight-loss advice, these lucky guys agree to share their weight-loss experiences, wins, and losses with the RealJock community.

This is a great opportunity to get the help you need to lose weight the right way while getting encouragement from the RealJock community. Plus, it's a unique chance to make a public commitment to weight-loss—and that's a great motivator. Are you ready to enter for the chance to be a contestant? Let's go!

You have until August 31 to enter the RealJock Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge. RealJock and Nu4You will choose up to five challenge participants from all entries. Chosen participants will receive a free 10-week membership to the Nu4You service. They will follow the weight-loss program for the length of the challenge, including regular check-ins with Nu4You staff.

Challenge Prizes
All chosen participants will get a 10-week guided nutrition membership at the Nutrition for You web site, including regular one-on-one nutrition counseling with Nu4You's nutrition experts. All participants who complete the 10-week program will also receive another three free months of the Nu4You service. That's nearly six months of personalized nutrition and weight-loss help from some of the leading nutritionists in San Francisco. Nu4You staff will also choose a winner and runner-up for the challenge. Both will receive a heart rate monitor; the challenge winner will also get a personal body fat analyzer. Winners will be chosen by Nu4You staff, who will take into account the following factors:

    Percent Body Weight Loss
  1. Record Keeping
  2. Eating Breakfast
  3. Exercise
  4. Monitoring Weight
  5. Low-fat Diet
  6. Sportsmanship
Challenge entrants must agree to participate for the entire length of the program and do regular check-ins with Nu4You staff. Contestants must agree that this is an online contest and their online behavior will be part of a subjective decision to choose contest winners. Contestants that attempt to cheat the system or falsify information will be disqualified.

Challenge Requirements
To be a contestant in the RealJock Nu4You Weight-Loss challenge, you need to be at least 20 pounds overweight and committed to making changes in your life. Below is the full list of requirements:
  1. You must have a RealJock member profile and picture, including a head shot publicly visible to other logged-in RealJock members.
  2. You must be at least 20 pounds overweight.
  3. You must be committed to making a real change in your life and agree to use the Nu4You program for the length of the challenge.
  4. You must agree to be interviewed once per month by Nu4You staff to obtain progress updates, and provide progress photos once per month.
  5. You must submit all of the contestant information below.
  6. You must agree to obey all of the rules of the challenge.
Enter the RealJock Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge To enter the RealJock Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge, email the following information and photo of yourself to with "Weight Loss Challenge" in the subject line. Please be as thorough as possible:
    Name (this will be kept confidential)
  1. RealJock Member Name
  2. Age
  3. Current Weight
  4. Height
  5. Waist Circumference (To measure your waist with a tape measure, hold one end of the tape measure at your belly button and wrap it around your waste until both ends meet at your belly button.)
  6. A list of any medical conditions.
  7. A short biography including your occupation and where you live.
  8. A paragraph saying why you would like to participate. Please include why you want to lose weight and things such as past diet experiences, how committed you are to change, how you feel about your current weight, and how your life might change if you could get in shape.
  9. Attach a photograph of yourself wearing shorts without a shirt and holding up a white piece of paper upon which you have clearly written "Weight-Loss Challenge". If you don't understand how to do this, visit RealJock's profile verification instructions for a similar example. Please note we will keep this photo private unless you wish otherwise.
At the end of the challenge entry period, we will contact you to let you know if you are chosen, and will announce the chosen contestants on the RealJock site. Please understand we cannot choose all entrants.