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Meet the Participants In Our Second Weight Loss Challenge!

By L. K. Regan

For several weeks, we've been accepting entries for our second RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge, and now we're proud to announce our 25 participants. In the coming weeks, we'll introduce these guys in further detail, and give you the chance to find out what brought them to the Challenge, and how they feel about it. In the meantime, we've got brief quotes and links to their profiles, so you can find out a little about them, and take the opportunity to wish them luck!

Manuel Villacorta and Dennis Allio from Nu4You personally reviewed each application—and they were deeply touched by what they read. They would have loved to have taken all of the applicants, but had to limit the number to 25 in order to be able to give each participant the individual attention that is a hallmark of Nu4You's nutrition counseling.

The Contestants Get Started
Contestants will begin with a group phone meeting with Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, CSSD, to get them started on the path to renewal. The contestants will be introduced to, the Nutrition for You interactive website, where they'll get advice and training, and find tools for tracking their caloric intake and output. From that point forward, contestants will meet periodically with Nu4You's trained nutrition coaches to get guidance, support, and advice.

Meet the Contestants
Our contestants are getting started today, January 12th; and will continue for the next 12 weeks. For the next three months, we know these guys would love to feel your support, and hear about your own journey through the jungles of weight loss. Feel free to drop them a line and introduce yourself, or start a forum or two celebrating their journey! Here's who to look for, and a little taste, in their own words, of what makes them tick:

Naythan: "I am a nearly 30 year old who has returned to college to complete my bachelor's degree. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. I also work full time at a national call center, which is unfortunate because it means I have to sit for 40 hours a week. In my free time I enjoy video games, bowling, hanging with friends, and storm chasing."

1967mplsguy: "I am a national account manager that works for with the top companies across the country on the philanthropic needs. In my job, I do travel a lot, however have made it a priority take the gym shoes where ever I go."

DASESQ8000: "I am hoping this "challenge" will give me the structure and focus to finally achieve the body I've always wanted. Also, I am confident that the public accountability will be an important factor in my making the changes and sacrifices necessary to finally achieve my goals."

Davis510: "I've been a member of RealJock for quite a while now, on and off, but i'm back for good now because I really need the added support from the members and pro advice to help me shed this weight again."

Flaggot: "If I could just feel comfortable in my own skin, then I could feel comfortable doing the things that make me happy. Somewhere inside me is a very cute guy who is screaming to get out."

JEG75NH: "I want to be more active in life. I want to be able to get involved in sports again, to walk a flight of stairs without being out of breathe. Most of all, I want to get in shape so that I reduce the health related risks I am bound to face if I stay obese."

vj2004t: "I am not where i used to be, but further along than where i started."

jaylubtx: "I am ready and committed, I can waste money on beer and going out to eat, now I am ready to change the beer and restaurants for devotion and dedication to my body, investing in my body rather than the bar and restaurant. Now my entertainment will be the RealJock challenge and see how successful I am going to be. "

TRANSFORMATION2008: "When I get in shape, I know that I will have more energy. I believe it will also give me the courage to try some new things in my life (i.e. roller-blading, skiing), putting myself out there to experience new things that because of my weight I've never tried."

CALIBOY: "Although usually shy, I think this challenge could also be a personal challenge to interact with others besides tackling my weight concerns. My career path requires physical stamina and a proportioned physic which is a goal I hope to achieve as I become a true and happier RealJock."

halltd: "My main motivations are to like and be confident in myself so I can fully embrace who I really am."

Single_N_NOHO: "I would like to participate in the ReaJock Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge because a dear friend of mine informed me of it and I have read many of the testimonials from last year and seen the amazing impact this challenge has had on their lives and fitness goals. I also think it would be a wonderful opportunity for myself as well as for future participants to read my testimonial in the future and see that with the right mind set and passion anything can be accomplished."

Texasbrian14: " I am very committed to losing weight in 2009. To go out with my best friend and paint the town red in clothes that I feel confident wearing. To possibly stop the likely-hood of diabetes and have my family stop worrying about my weight. To prove to myself that I can do it again, and live life to the fullest without any regrets. But most importantly gain what I had plus much much more. I was born Leo and insanely competitive and the lion inside of me will come out in the challenge…."

Crimthann: "I am currently employed by the government with a desk job that keeps me sitting on my butt most of the day in front of a computer. With my job you would think, I would be disciplined when it comes to physical fitness, but sadly that isn't the case."

DFW54: "I need something more and knowing myself, if I am not motivated and/or challenged I will not do it. In the recent past I tried a diet sponsored at my previous job. I was successful in loosing almost 20 lbs in 8 weeks. I felt great about myself, turned heads, and bought smaller sized clothes. Since then I had my knee replacement surgery and I am slowly trying to get back to the size I was."

venomANDlimes: "I'm not looking to be cut up or look as if I was chiseled from stone but rather a healthy weight in which I can set the goals of muscle definition and an overall healthy lifestyle. I see a very positive future ahead of me and I feel that to help me achieve my goals is to become a healthier individual."

FredPDX: "Went to Portland State and graduated with a BA in Anthropology in June of 2007. I work in the outdoor industry, and enjoy bicycling, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding and working out at the gym."

Chitownstud70: "I want to continue to be a better athlete and human being. The advantages of having a stronger, healthier and confident well being will help with my personal quest for happiness, healthy, peace and joy of life."

Stiflernyc82: "I'm not a shy person, and through regaining my physical confidence, I'm certain I will regain my social and emotional confidence as well. This public, accountable challenge is the perfect way to kick-start my year."

frescobar: "For the past five and a half years I have worked as a case manager/Housing Specialist for people with HIV/AIDS. Providing housing subsidies and paying out of pocket medical expenses for people who meet our criteria."

SimonChgo: "I want to get in shape, go back to my weight of 145 to 150, and improve my blood pressure and overall energy. I know this will allow me to be more active and motivated. I also would like to help my family with giving them some hints of good lifestyle to be healthy."

dr_jackl: "Getting a six-pack would be a huge step in my lifetime battle with my body image and would help boost my confidence working on the other aspects of life I haven't had time to deal with."

COJock1974: "I want to learn how to eat and work out on the road. I want to be proud to take my shirt off. I want to be able to put my college ring on without having to put lotion on my ring finger first."

Puppy80: "I used to be cute and skinny when I was in high school. Then you learn your metabolism doesn't last forever. It was like suddenly one day I was looking more and more pregnant. I would say I maybe got to nine months, but now I'm more like seven months."

cjcscuba1984: "I am sick of yo-yo dieting. I want to be thin, healthy, and sexy. More importantly, I want this change to be a lifestyle change, especially since I wish to someday become a doctor."

Good luck guys!