Outside and Over the Top: RJ/Diakadi SF Bootcamp Workout #1

By L. K. Regan

Last fall, RealJock members got their butts kicked at four intense San Francisco bootcamps. In fact, it was so great that we decided to do it again—just in time for all the guys setting goals for 2009. This past weekend was the first of our four January 2009 RealJock/DIAKADI Bootcamp workouts, with Diakadi super-trainers Billy Polson and Mike Clausen at the helm. This week, we were at Mission Creek Park. Forty people attended this tough workout, and based on heart rate monitor readings, we burned about 1,100 calories each. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning in a beautiful city!

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The San Francisco Bootcamp Workout—Week 1
For you guys who can’t come in person, feel free to print the workout below, and take it with you to recreate your own 1,100 calorie-burn hour.

Exercise Reps/Time Details
Walkouts 10 Start with hands and feet on the ground and walk your hands out as far as you can (well past a push-up position), until your hands and feet are as far apart as possible with your chest almost on the ground. Next, slowly walk your feet up to your hands. Then repeat by walking your feet back as far as possible and then walking your hands in to your feet.
Squats 20 Place your hands on your head. Start by using a bench to sit on and stand up off of (if you need to), then go to just lightly tapping the bench with your butt, and then do full-range squats without tapping.
Single-Leg Sit-Down Squats 10 per leg This is the same idea as the seated squat, but use one leg at a time. Keep your weight back on your heels and use your butt and hamstrings.
Plank Knee Tucks 20 per leg Begin in push-up position, and tuck one knee up to your chest, then drive that heel back and up as high as you can. Repeat on same side for 20 reps. Next, swap legs and repeat with opposite leg for 20.
Static Split Squats with 20 Alternate Punches in Low Hold Position 10 squats per side and 20 punches Elevate the back foot onto a step or platform, then drop down through the back thigh in a variation on the squat that places more emphasis on the front leg and adds a balance challenge. Standing with your feet staggered, perform 10 split squats, then on last rep hold the low position with back knee just off ground and alternate punching your arms right and left for 20. Switch your front foot and repeat for 10 split squats and 20 alternating punches.
Elbow Hold Side Pillars with 20 Reach Unders 20 reach unders per side Lie on your right side in the grass with your right elbow and forearm supporting your upper body and your right foot placed heel-toe in front of your left foot, which should be lying on the ground on your left instep. Use your right obliques to raise your body off the ground so only your feet and forearm are on ground. Keep your shoulder blades and head back and look straight ahead. Keeping your upper body weighted on your forearm and your hips off the ground, twist your body so that your weight transfers to your toes and you reach your left arm under and across your body, then pull the arm back out and through and back to original side hold. Repeat for 20 reps. Then switch to left elbow and side and repeat for 20.
Alternate Side Lunges with Shoe Taps 10 per side Start with your feet wide and slowly shift your weight from side lunge left to side lunge right. As you come toward each side, reach both of your hands down to touch the top of your shoe on that side, while keeping your other leg straight. Keep both toes front throughout the movement.
For the next series of exercises, you would ideally have a partner to "spot" you. If you don't have a partner working out with you, don't worry. You can do most of these exercises solo, if you feel confident in your ability to maintain your form.
Exercise Reps/Time Details
Partner Hand Taps 60 seconds Facing your partner both in pushup position, alternate giving each other a high 5 with left hands, then right hands for 60 seconds.
Ski Series 20 of each type of lunge Starting in a low squat hold, do small bounces for 20 holding in low squat position as you bounce up and down. Then shift your weight left into left side lunge and repeat 20 bounces low in this low side left lunge position. Then shift weight into right low lunge and repeat for 20, then last shift weight back to center and perform 20 squat jumps.
Hip-ups 20 lifts, and 20 leg lifts on each side Have a partner hold your feet about one to two feet off the ground -- or, you can also use a bench or short wall or ledge to do the same. Lie flat on your back with your arms extended at your sides and your feet together. Start with 20 hip lifts up and down without resting on the ground at each rep. Then at end of 20, hold the top position and alternately raise one leg off the wall in a single leg hip lift for 20 alternates.
Jump Splits with Two Punches 10 with each leg Start with your feet staggered one in front of the other and drop with the back knee into the low position of a lunge. Next, holding this low position, extend your arms front with palms together and twist once to left and once to right, fully twisting your head, upper body, and shoulders completely right and then completely left while holding legs solid in a low lunge. Then jump up and switch legs, and then drop back into low position.
Push-ups on Partner's Back to Single Arm Lockouts 10 push-ups and 10 lockouts Have your partner get onto all fours - keeping still by tightening core. Place your left hand below shoulder blades and your right hand on his tailbone. Do a pushup on your partners back. Perfom 10 pushups. For the next set of 10 - you are going to lockout on one arm at the top. Alternate the lockout arm.
Bridge Alternate Knee Tucks 10 on each side Place yourself on all fours in a bridge position. Do a knee tuck that crosses your left knee under your body to touch your right elbow. Do 10 and then alternate sides.
Once you have finished the partner work, immediately move to the Tubing Circuit. You will need a set of rubber tubing that you can attach to any tree/pole. Tubing can be found at almost any sports store, or online. Ideally, you should have three different weights/resistance levels of tubing for the three different moves, but this is not necessary to complete the workout. Do this circuit through twice through before moving on.

Exercise Reps/Time Description
Step-ups with Alternating Knees 20 per leg Place your entire right foot on top of a bench at about knee height, and step up to balance only on your right leg on top of bench, bringing the opposite knee up at the top of your motion. Then slowly lower yourself back to ground keeping weight in your heel and using your glutes and hamstrings to control your movement. Do 20 reps, and then swap to left leg and do another 20.
Light Tube Core Rotation 60 seconds Attach lightest tubing to pole or tree standing with feet shoulder width apart. Grab both handles and stand at right angles to the tree. Stand with legs shoulder width apart and knees soft. Hold your legs as steady as possible so that the movement comes completely from your abs and lower back. Use your core muscles to pull the tube in a single, smooth motion across in front of your body. Pivot your hips until you are facing fully away from the tree, with your arms almost extended. Be sure to use your abdominals and lower back as the driving force of the movement.
Tricep Dips 30 Sit on a bench and place hands beside your hips with fingers over edge of bench. Scoot your butt off the edge of the seat and keep your back straight, shoulders back, and chest/head front. Keep your knees slightly bent and slowly lower your body down into a set of tricep dips. Start with your legs far away from bench and as you get tired, pull your heels in closer under you for more support. Use your legs to help get through 30 reps!
Medium Tube Punches 60 seconds Attach your middle-resistance tubing around a pole/tree at shoulder height and, facing away from the tubes, hold the tubes in your hands with tubing running under your armpit. Alternate punches to the front for 60 seconds.
Heavy Tube Squat Rows 60 seconds Attach your heavy weight of tubing around pole/tree at stomach height and facing the tubes, hold the tubes in your hands with palms facing in towards each other. Stand with your feet hip width apart and perfom a squat. Once you return to the upper position, perform the row. Do this for 60 seconds.
Once you’ve done the tubing circuit through twice, you are ready to pick up the pace with a Jog and Lunge Section. Find a long section of sidewalk, a big field, or an off-road area to work in, and perform the sequence below:

Minute Number Description
1Jog at an easy/medium pace for warm-up
2Do side steps with left leg leading
3Do side steps with right leg leading
4Do forward walking lunges
5Sprint (run) as fast as you can
6Do reverse walking lunges, walking backwards
7Run as quickly as possible in a zigzag pattern through a series of trees/parking meters/signs
8Do forward walking lunges front
9Sprint (run) as fast as you can
10Do reverse walking lunges, walking backwards.

You’re now going to move on to a basketball court/open field section of the workout. Try to find a vacant basketball court or 50-foot open field of grass for this portion of the workout. You will be moving down and back the open area; give yourself 30 seconds of rest between laps. You will do this circuit twice through before moving on.

Exercise Rest/lap Description
Knee High Runs 30 seconds Run forward down court with knees high and return running backwards, again with knees high.
Single Leg Hops 30 seconds Hop down the court or field on your left leg, returning hopping on your right leg.
Long Jumps 30 seconds Perform long jumps down the court and back, jumping as far as you safely can on each forward leap. These should be really hard. Everyone had trouble with these at last Saturday's workout.
Sprint Forward Down and Reverse Back 30 seconds As fast as you can, run forwards down the court or field, return running backwards as quickly as you safely can.
Once you’ve done the basketball court/open field circuit, you have 10 minutes left to cool down. Take an easy 10 minutes of jogging to let your heart rate normalize and your muscles relax a bit. When you’re ready to continue, it’s on to the final push. First up: abdominals and core. Find a nice, grassy area for the following core work:

Exercise Time Description
Hold Plank on Elbows and Toes 90 seconds Hold a push-up position on elbows, forearms and toes. Keep your core engaged, butt down, shoulders back and head looking straight at the ground.
Side Pillar Hip Lifts 60 seconds per side Leaning on your left elbow and lying on your side with your right foot stacked on top of your left foot, use your left side obliques to lift your body up off the ground. Holding shoulders back and head front, hold for 60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.
Cobra Lift 90 seconds Lie on your stomach with your hands at your sides, palms down with thumbs facing out. Squeeze your butt and lift your legs, chest, and shoulders off the ground as high as possible. Rotate your thumbs up and out so that your shoulders roll back, opening your chest and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Keep your head facing ground with your neck in line with your spine.
You’ve made it! You’ve gone through the entire bootcamp, except for the best part. After all that tough muscle work, you really need to stretch it out. Here is a stretch series I want you to make sure to do before you call it a day:

Stretch Description
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Kneel on right knee with left foot front and flat and chest front. Squeeze your butt cheeks so that you stretch the hip flexor on your right leg. Hold for 20 seconds and then swap to left knee down for same stretch on left hip flexor.
Toe-on-Wall Kneeling Quad Stretch Start on your hands and knees with your butt to a wall. Place the toe of your right foot on the wall, with your knee about 6 to 12 inches away from the wall on the ground. Then bring your left foot forward so that you are kneeling on right knee and standing tall with your chest to stretch your right quad. Again, squeeze your butt cheeks together to really accent the stretch. Hold for 20 seconds and switch to the opposite leg. The closer you knee is to the wall the tighter the stretch, so if the stretch feels easy, move your knee closer to wall.
Pigeon Stretch Start on hands and knees and bring your right knee up about eight inches on ground in front of your left knee on ground. Now tuck your right foot under your left leg and, stretching your left leg as far back and straight as possible, go down to your elbows in front of bent right leg. Lie across the inside of your right leg for a great right leg hip stretch. Hold for 20 seconds and then swap to left leg curled under in front.
Hamstring Stretch Lie on your back with your left leg straight and right knee bent into the air above your hips. With both hands, grab behind your right leg's knee and tuck your leg into your chest. Then slowly try to straighten the right leg and hold for 10 seconds. Tuck the knee in tighter and repeat the straight leg hold for 10 seconds. Switch legs so that the right leg is straight and the left knee is bent, holding behind the left knee, and repeat for this leg.
Calf Stretch Standing on the edge of a step or bench, keep your left foot stable on top of the step while you drop the right heel off back of step, stretching the right calf. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, pushing your weight through the right heel with right knee straight. Next, bend your right knee, still keeping pressure on your heel to stretch lower area of right calf. Hold for 10 seconds and then switch the right foot to the stable position and repeat.
Congratulations! You are done, with 1,100 calories burned! Remember, you can still join us for more outdoor bootcamps in person on the next three Saturdays in San Francisco. No matter what, Billy and Mike recommend that you keep trying to move your workouts out of the gym and into the fresh air when you can. It will help you enjoy the workouts and break out of any plateaus.