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Go Hard Core: Week 2 of the RJ/Diakadi San Francisco Bootcamps

By Billy Polson

Last week, I wrote about the great time we had at the first of the four January RealJock/DIAKADI Bootcamp workouts in San Francisco, and provided the Bootcamp Week 1 Workout so that you could do it at home. This past Saturday we had our second bootcamp, and it was every bit as great as the first! As I did last week, I've written up this past Saturday's killer workout for everyone who couldn't be there. Try it at home!

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The San Francisco Bootcamp Workout—Week 2
Even if you can't come in person, you can still do the workouts. Just print the workout below, and take it with you to your local park for an intense 1,100-calorie hour.

Grassy Area Agility Work
For the section below we were using an agility ladder, rings/hoops, cones, and hurdles. You can find all of these items online, or just do the movements without the equipment. We will alternate between the agility drills and some stationary exercises, so you'll need to find a roughly 40 foot-long strip of grass to work on. There, you'll alternate between agility drills and stationary exercises. The agility drills consist of running four lengths of the grassy strip, as follows:

  1. Length 1: Run down the grass in the agility ladder, running with a foot in each of the ladder rungs and knees high.
  2. Length 2: Run back up the grassy strip using 12 hoops as if they were a tire run—like you see football players do in training.
  3. Length 3: Run down the grass doing zig-zag side steps around cones set up in 'Z' formation down the entire length.
  4. Length 4: Run side steps back up the grass, doing side step high knees over each of the eight hurdles.
Do all of this in a row, and you'll have done one agility drill. Now, put the agility drills into combination with other exercises, as follows:

Exercise Repetitions Description
Run First Agility Drill
Sumo Deadlift to Push-up 12 With legs twice hip-width apart, sit down into a squat with your spine long, and put your hands on the ground between your feet (i.e., sumo position). Walk your feet back to push-up position and do a push-up. Now, walk back to sumo position with hands still on the ground and then stand all the way tall with hands high. Repeat entire sequence for 12 reps.
Divebombers 12 Take up push-up or plank position on the ground. Then push your hips back with legs long so that you are now in a yoga Downward Dog position, with your hips piked up and arms and legs straight. Hold for three seconds, then drop back into push-up position, and do a push-up. Repeat entire sequence for 12 reps.
Run Second Agility Drill
Incremental Leg Lifts 10 Lie down flat on your back with arms straight out to sides with palms down. Your feet should be flat on the ground with knees bent. Keep your arms and shoulders flat on the ground throughout this entire exercise. Slowly drop your knees to one side, allowing your feet to stack on top of each other. Then bring your legs back to center and, keeping knees bent, raise your feet off the ground so that your knees and hips are both at a right angle. Slowly let your knees drop again to the side, all the way to ground—still keeping both shoulders flat on the ground. Switch legs to the opposite side. Then return your legs to center in the air and now fully straighten your legs and allow them to drop all the way to one side, keeping your knees straight and hips at a right angle. Hold on the ground for three seconds for a good spine stretch. Switch to the opposite side for three seconds hold again. Repeat with legs straight for a set of 10.
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds Mountain Climbers Start in a push-up position. Begin a "mountain climber", bringing alternating feet far up under you in a running motion as you keep your hands on the ground. Continue for 30 seconds.
Run Third Agility Drill
Static Split Squats with Side-to-Side Twists 10 per side Start with your feet staggered one in front of the other and drop with the back knee into the low position of a lunge. Next, holding this low position, extend your arms front with palms together and twist once to left and once to right, fully twisting your head, upper body, and shoulders completely right and then completely left while holding legs solid in a low lunge. Repeat this 10 times with the right leg front and then switch to left leg front and repeat for 10 more.
Breakdance 10 per side Begin in a standard push-up, or plank, position. You should be face down on the floor, with your hands below your shoulders, your chest and hips off the floor, and your body flat from your feet to the top of your head. Keep your hips flat; they should neither droop toward the floor, nor pop up in the air. Your feet should be roughly hip-width apart. Bring your left foot underneath your body as you bring your right hand off the floor and over to the other side of your body. You will pivot over your right foot and left hand as you flip over. At the end of your motion, you will be on all fours, but face up on the floor, in a "crab-walk" position, with your hands behind you facing away from you and your feet wide and knees bent to support your buttocks off of the floor. Do 10 on the same side, then repeat with the other side.
Run Fourth Agility Drill
Jog Five Minutes:Go for a five minute jog before the next segment—but as you do this, try to mix up the terrain. Add in some stairs, some hills, some off-roading, and even some walking lunges.

Now it's time to move on to curb work. Find a curb or step-up where you can do some quick running and stepping drills:
  1. Runs: Run for 60 seconds up and down, onto and off of the curb, leading with your left leg. Then repeat for 60 seconds with right leg leading.
  2. Alternate Lunges: Start with both feet up on curb and the full foot (including heel) supported on the curb. From that stationary position, alternately step a leg back into a low lunge.
  3. Repeat Lunges to Balance: Now repeat a lunge back on your left leg for 20 repetitions and step up to balance on the right leg, so that your left foot never touches curb/step. Next, switch to your right leg stepping back into a lunge for 20 repetitions, stepping up to balance on your left leg.
  4. Speed Switch Steps: Perform quick, alternating toe taps on the edge of the curb for 60 seconds. This should be a fast jumping motion, switching the feet as quickly as you can.
  5. Calf Raises: Use a parking meter or sign for balance and slowly do 25 calf raises using both legs. Let your heels hang off the back of the curb as you rise up onto your toes, and then back down to heels just below curb level.
Jog Five Minutes: Once again, go for a five minute jog before the next segment—and, as before, try to vary the terrain as much as possible.

Now we're moving on to a tube section. For this, you will need at least one exercise tube (and preferably three, from light to heavy resistance), looped around a post or other strong support. You will do the following exercises in sequence:

Exercise Repetitions/Time Description
Tube Pull-up and Downs 60 seconds Using the lightest tubing, stand facing the tubing. Standing on one leg, have palms facing down and do a row. Go for 60 seconds, switching legs after 30 seconds and keeping your head up and spine long throughout.
Tube Wide Grip Row on Single Leg 60 seconds With your medium-weight tube, stand facing away from the tubing and perform double-arm chest presses for 60 seconds, pressing both arms straight forward.
Squats and Squat Jumps 30 seconds of each Do 30 seconds of squats, followed by 20 seconds of squat jumps (in which you squat, then jump up in the air from the squat with arms coming overhead and, as you land, sit immediately into a squat again).
Staggered Stance Double Row 60 seconds Stand facing toward your heaviest tube with a handle held in each hand, palms facing inward. Stand in a staggered stance and with your palms facing in, do rows for 60 seconds.
Alternating Lunges and Split Squat Jumps 30 seconds of each Drop the tubes and do a series of lunges with alternating feet for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of split squat jumps, jumping up and landing with one foot forward, then switching in the air on the next jump.
Repeat this series three times through. Then, immediately go to a stair run. If your park has a set of stairs, run up and down the stairs twice. Then, get down on the ground and hold a plank, or push-up position, for 20 seconds. Next, hold a right side pillar (that is, rotate onto your right hand and keep your body in a straight diaganol line from head to toe) for 20 seconds. Then hold the side pillar on the left for 20 seconds. Finally, finish by holding your plank position for a final 20 seconds.

Now it is time for your second stair run. Run your set of stairs twice more, and then do a set of push-ups until you max out (that is, could not do another push-up while maintaining proper form).

You're almost done! We're going to wrap things up with some abs and stretches. Try to find a patch of soft grass where you can comfortably perform the following exercises:

Exercise Description
Lower Abs Series Lie flat on your back with your feet flat and knees bent. Place your fingers in the curve of your lower back. Inhale, and on your exhale, flex your lower abdominals and flatten out your lower (lumbar) spine against your hands by engaging your lower abs. Hold this flexion for 10 seconds, continuing to breathe shallow breaths but also keeping your back pressed firmly into your hands throughout. Now relax your abs, take a second inhale, and on the exhale, suck your belly button into your spine again so that your back flattens down onto your fingers again. This time while you hold the flexion and pressure on your fingers, try to slowly alternate tucking one knee up to your chest. If you at any time feel your back lift off your hands, you know your abs have given out and you should go back to just holding the flexion without the movement. This is the true and honest way to work your lower abdominals without your hip flexors doing all the work. As you become stronger, you can do the same movements with both legs lifting at same time with knees bent, and then eventually, with both legs going up and down with legs straight.
Full Sit-ups Lie flat on your back in the grass and, with legs straight and fingers on sides of head, slowly tuck your chin to your chest as you roll from the top of your spine all the way up into a full sit-up. Be very careful not to pull your head up with your hands as you do this. Then slowly lower back down, unrolling your spine from the bottom so that your chin stays at your chest until your back is all the way back on ground.
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Kneel on your right knee with your left foot front and flat and chest front. Squeeze your butt cheeks so that you stretch the hip flexor on your right leg. Hold for 20 seconds and then swap to your left knee down for the same stretch on left hip flexor.
Toe-on-Wall Kneeling Quad Stretch Start on your hands and knees with your butt to a wall. Place the toe of your right foot on the wall, with your knee about 6 to 12 inches away from the wall on the ground. Next, bring your left foot forward so that you are kneeling on your right knee and standing tall with your chest to stretch your right quad. Again, squeeze your butt cheeks together to really accent the stretch. Hold for 20 seconds and switch to the opposite leg. The closer you knee is to the wall the tighter the stretch, so if the stretch feels easy, move your knee closer to wall.
Pigeon Stretch Start on your hands and knees and bring your right knee up about eight inches on ground in front of your left knee on ground. Now tuck your right foot under your left leg and, stretching your left leg as far back and straight as possible, go down to your elbows in front of bent right leg. Lie across the inside of your right leg for a great right leg hip stretch. Hold for 20 seconds and then swap to left leg curled under in front.
Hamstring Stretch Lie on your back with your left leg straight and right knee bent into the air above your hips. With both hands, grab behind your right leg's knee and tuck your leg into your chest. Then slowly try to straighten the right leg and hold for 10 seconds. Tuck the knee in tighter and repeat the straight leg hold for 10 seconds. Switch legs so that the right leg is straight and the left knee is bent, holding behind the left knee, and repeat for this leg.
Calf Stretch Standing on the edge of a step or bench, keep your left foot stable on top of the step while you drop the right heel off back of step, stretching the right calf. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, pushing your weight through the right heel with your right knee straight. Next, bend your right knee, still keeping pressure on your heel to stretch lower area of right calf. Hold for 10 seconds and then switch the right foot to the stable position and repeat.
Congratulations! You made it through another 1,100 calories-worth of exercise!Want to join us for our next bootcamp? Sign up! And remember, if you can't be with us in person, you can recreate these workouts in any local park. Get up, get outside, and get moving!

Note: A reference for this program is Paul Chek's How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, San Diego, 2004.

About Billy Polson and Mike Clausen: Billy Polson and Mike Clausen are co-founders of the award-winning Diakadi Body personal training gym and creators of RealJock's 12-week Workout Programs. Have burning questions about your fitness that you want Billy and Mike to answer? Send an email to