Do A Leg-Busting Workout from the RJ/Diakadi Beyond Bootcamp Series

By L. K. Regan

Currently RealJock and Diakadi are running a series of San Francisco Beyond Bootcamp Outdoor Workouts. These workouts combine beautiful settings and fun guys with a completely new notion of the familiar bootcamp idea—individual attention, focus on functional training, and addressing individual imbalances. We'd love to have you join us for the final week of workouts—look below for info on how you can sign up. And to get you started, here is the leg workout from the June 11th meeting, where we took our legs to the limit. Try this workout in place of your regular in-the-gym leg day, or whenever you want to change things up with a leg blow-out.

The Details
The Outdoor Workout Series will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the entire month of June. Locations can be viewed here. Weekday workouts will begin at 6:30 a.m., Saturday workouts begin at 10 a.m. All workouts will be one hour in length, giving you plenty of time to be showered and changed for work or Saturday lunch. Feel free to sign up for whichever workouts you can attend at $20 per workout.

Reserve Your Spot—Sign Up Today
The RealJock/Diakadi Outdoor Workout Series costs $20 per workout. Spaces are limited and reservations are required, so sign up now to make sure you get a spot.

To sign up for a workout, pick your preferred date and location and call or email Diakadi Body to reserve your spot:

Phone: 415-863-4922

The June 2009 San Francisco Beyond Bootcamp Workout for Legs
Feel free to print out this workout and take it to the gym or the park for a great leg workout that also trains your core (you can't have strong legs without a strong core!).

Exercise Muscle Group(s) Reps/Time Details
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Hip Flexor/Quad 45 seconds Place the left knee on the floor as close as you can to the wall, placing your right foot in front foot flat on floor with right knee at right angle. Sit up completely straight with your body and chest, not bent at hips. If your knee is too close to the wall to sit up straight, then scoot your knee further from the wall. Some clients may be so tight in their left quad and hip flexor that they cannot have their right toe on the wall at all. Squeeze your butt cheeks, then rotate your body towards your front leg and extend your rear arm up overhead as you twist and look up toward the ceiling. Hold for 45 seconds. Then switch sides.
Athletes Performance Lunge Series Full Body 20 Step out into a right leg low lunge with back left leg straight and both hands on floor inside right leg. Reach right arm up to sky and rotate upper body to look up. Then rotate right arm through under left armpit. Then place both hands on ground on each side of right leg and sit back with both legs straight into a hamstring stetch. Finally bend both knees into low lunge and step left leg up beside right leg. Repeat on opposite leg.
Mini Band Abductors Legs 20 Place a miniband around your legs above both knees and stand upright. Keeping your left leg stationary with your glute fired, slowly rotate your right leg out. You are trying to feel your right glute fire. Slowly bring back in. Repeat for a set of 10 then switch legs.
Mini Band Squats Legs 20 Place a miniband around your legs above both knees. Now, sit into a squat against the resistance of the mini band. This will teach you to fire your glutes. You want to hold the band tight while keeping your knees aligned staight ahead. You will have to fire your glutes in order to keep your knees from rotating in/outward. Perform a full squat for a set of 20.
Hip Bridge March and Hold Legs 20 Lie flat on your back with feet hip width and knees bent. Toes should be just off floor. Drive through your heels and raise your hips up to a flat spine bridge hold. Go up and down with both legs for doubles. Hold the top position and march with feet for alternate singles. Then hold a single leg off the ground and drive through the grounded heel for a set of 10 on each leg.
Jump Rope Cardio 2 minutes Jump rope for 2 minutes.
Chops Legs 20 Stand with feet hip width apart. Raise your arms above your head and do a squat as you bring your arms down in front of you with a chop. Then squat back up. You will do a third set of this exercise. Plan to do the first two sets slowly, and the third set quickly.
Split Squats Legs/Core 20 (10 on each leg) Start with legs staggered front/back and drop into a kneeling position with your knee tapping the ground (not resting). In the low position, both knees should be in right angles and your spine straight up and down. If quads or hip flexors are too tight to drop all the way down, then go as low as you can while keeping your form. Keep both feet pointing front throughout. Do 10 on one leg, and then switch for10 on the second leg..
Alternate Side Lunges Legs 20 (10 with each leg) Stand upright with feet about hip-width apart and arms at your sides. From the starting position, step one leg straight out to the side and bend that knee, such that you lunge down over your bent leg while the other leg will stretch straight to the side. Touch the floor at the bottom of your lunge, and press back up bringing your legs together, such that you end at the starting position. Repeat on the other leg. Alternate for full set.
Hand Tap Balance Core/Legs 20 (10 on each leg) Stand on your right leg with your hands up above your head. Bend downa nd tap your right toes with your left hand but without touching your left foot to the ground. Repeat for a 10 without touching the ground with the left foot, then switch to the other side.
Jog Cardio/Agility 3 minutes Do a slight jog for three minutes
Walking Lunges Legs 20 Perform forward walking lunges with alternating legs. Make sure your knee does not come ahead of your toe on the forward leg, and that you drop down deeply through the back leg. After 20 alternating lunges moving forward, reverse direction and move backward for the second set of 20.
Plank (Center and Side) Core 90 seconds total (30 seconds per movement) On your elbows and toes, hold your center position for 30 seconds. That means keep your neck, back, hips and legs all in a straight line—no piking or drooping. Then, turn to the side so that you are resting on one elbow and facing sideways rather than down (you may spread your feet somewhat for balance if you need to). Without letting your hip droop toward the floor, hold the side pillar position for 30 seconds, then switch to the other side for a final 30 seconds.
Freestyle Kicks Core 20 Lie face down on the ground. Raise your legs off the ground and, keeping legs straight, do freestyle kicks as though swimming in a pool. Do not let your feet hit the ground. Repeat for 20 kicks.
Saxon Bends Core 20 Stand upright with feet a little wider than your hips and your hands on your head. Concentrate on maintaining good posture and keeping your abdomnals engaged. Bend over sideways at the hip, leaning over to the side as far as you can go. Come back up and repeat for 10 on one side; then switch to the other side for 10 more.

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