• Photo for Democracy in Action: Introducing RealJock Man of the Day Voting
    Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith

Democracy in Action: Introducing RealJock Man of the Day Voting

By L. K. Regan

One of the most popular features here on RealJock is our Man of the Day. Each day, we pick a smart, handsome, talented man to profile right there on the homepage. Recently, though, we asked ourselves—why are we doing the choosing? Given that we have a huge community of great guys who definitely know a good man when they see one, why not let our members choose the Man of the Day? So, starting this week, that's exactly what we're doing. Welcome to Man of the Day voting!

Here's how it works. Guys who are verified or are supporters are eligible to vote for Man of the Day. Each day, the Man of the Day will be the guy who acquired the most votes the preceding day. You have two ways to vote. You can view the next day's contenders here and vote for the guy you like the best. But you can also nominate a guy yourself, and add him to the list. Say you see a guy in your travels on the site who you think would be a great Man of the Day. If he's eligible, he'll have a "Vote him Man of the Day!" link on his profile page that you can click. If you click the link, and if you are eligible to vote, your guy will be added to the list of the day's contenders.

Of course, who doesn't dream of being Man of the Day himself? So, here are the eligibility requirements in order to become Man of the Day: You must have a main public photo and you must have your profile preferences set to "Allow everyone to view my profile". If your profile receives at least one vote, it will automatically be added to the list of contenders for the next day's Man of the Day. Please be aware that a member can be Man of the Day only once every 90 days.

Ok, guys; it's all up to you now. Choose wisely, and remember—every vote counts.