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Robbie Williams shapes abs with suction

Can a corset reshape your abs? U.K. pop star Robbie Williams thinks so. He swears by his vacunaut, a corset-like device with a suction hose attached that’s worn over an air-tight suit designed to increase circulation in the abdominal areas. Williams straps on the device and jogs on his treadmill for 40 minutes three times per week.

Williams praises the device in his autobiography “Feel.” Author of Williams’ biography Chris Heath told Fazed that "Most days he appears in his suit, like an eccentric spaceman, asking to be zipped up or unzipped."

Vacunaut, created by U.K. fitness company Hydroxi, claims the device shrinks waistlines one to two sizes in 12 sessions by stimulating fat burning around the midsection with a combination of vacuum suction and gentle massage. The devices retail around $500.