• Photo for A New Man: Meet the Commit-to-Fit Contest Winner
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kevin Johnson

A New Man: Meet the Commit-to-Fit Contest Winner

By L.K. Regan

Our good friends at Diakadi Body and MVU Nutrition have helped a lot of RealJock members get in shape and lose weight, whether through expert articles or, more directly, through their two RealJock Weight Loss Challenges. They’ve also teamed up for a Commit-to-Fit Contest, offering one lucky winner the chance to totally change his life. Entries are still open for this year's contest, and for inspiration you need look no farther than last year’s winner, Kevin Johnson, who lost an incredible 145 pounds, gained muscle mass, and embraced a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The Commit-to-Fit Contest offers one special person the prize of a lifetime: a year’s worth of one-on-one personal training and nutritional coaching. That’s three personal training sessions per week ($15,000 value) from Polson and Mike Clausen, co-owners of Diakadi Body, as well as nutritional coaching every other week ($10,000 value) from renowned Bay Area registered dietitian Manuel Villacorta. Last year’s winner, gay San Francisco resident Kevin Johnson, started at 416 pounds, and was shocked by the changes he saw in himself over the course of that intense year. “I thought I was weak and uncoordinated,” he says. “Being big only intensified those feelings. But after starting the program, I noticed that my concentration had improved. The chronic pain diminished. My confidence returned, which I thought was lost forever. With the help of Manuel and Billy, I am becoming the person I was meant to be.”

Here’s Kevin before and after his transformation:

He’s a whole new man! With cardio sessions twice per week and resistance training with weights three days per week (for an hour each time!), getting there was an arduous process—but Kevin learned a lot about himself along the way. “Before starting this program, I was stuck. No matter what people said (or did) it only led me down a darker path. However, I am proof that it is never too late to start living a healthy and active lifestyle.” Diakadi super-trainer Billy Polson agrees: “With over 30 percent of Americans suffering from obesity, Diakadi and MV Nutrition are setting out to teach people that making the proper lifestyle and nutritional choices in coordination with an appropriate exercise program can lead individuals from an unhealthy state into a leaner, stronger and energized body.”

For nutritionist Manuel Villacorta, it’s all about changing a person’s lifestyle, one day at a time: “Health is not a diet plan, but a lifestyle,” says Villacorta. “I empower you to understand your body, your strengths, and your limits and to use this knowledge to make a change.  Stop dieting, start living!” 

A new body is empowering for sure, but no one said getting there would be easy, least of all Kevin. Yet having a support team makes all the difference. “To say that the process was easy or a piece of cake (or an apple) would be a disservice,” he says. “What I can say is that if I take it one step, one exercise or one pound at a time, I find that the process is manageable. There are times when it’s hard. But knowing that I am not alone in the process helps me get back on the road of health and well-being.”

If you think you’d like to be this year’s Commit-to-Fit winner, there’s still time to enter. Entries must be received by Friday, January 29, 2010. To enter, you’ll just need to submit a three-minute video of yourself, offering the reasons you should be this year’s winner. For complete guidelines and deadlines, please visit or