• Photo for Real Athlete: Wrestler Jason Knight

Real Athlete: Wrestler Jason Knight

By Gay Games VII Staff

Real Athlete is an ongoing series of interviews with inspirational, out gay athletes from around the world. Are you a Real Athlete? Take our Real Athlete Survey.

U.S. Marshall Jason Knight, 35, knows a lot about wrestling. For a living, he wrestles good guys. For fun, he wrestles gay ones.

What is your goal for Gay Games Chicago 2006? Going for the gold?
I’d like to win the gold medal in my weight class.

How long have you been playing your sport?
I’ve been wrestling since I was six years old.

What do you consider your main achievements or accomplishments, whether in your sport or otherwise?
I was state champion and national high school all-american honorable mention in 1989.

What other sports have you've played or play? How did you chose the sport you will compete in at Gay Games VII.
I played football in high school, but wrestling is my first love.

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