• Photo for Gay Powerlifter Chris Morgan Wins 'Best Lifter' Title
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chris Morgan

Gay Powerlifter Chris Morgan Wins 'Best Lifter' Title

By L.K. Regan

International weight-lifter, Gay Games ambassador, and long-time RealJock friend Chris Morgan continued his astonishing career comeback last week by winning the Best Lifter award at the British Deadlift Championships. With this win, Chris is set up to carry his momentum forward to the World Championships next month in Moscow, and the Gay Games in Cologne this July.

Chris was lifting in the British Drug Free Single Lift Championships, held in Horncastle, England. He made lifts of 210 kilos, 240 kilos and finally 260 kilos to clinch the British Open title in the 82.5 kilo class. This also made him the overall biggest lifter in terms of the ratio of his lifts to his own body weight, winning him the award for "Best Lifter," which is presented across all weight classes in the competition. Speaking about his results, Chris said, "I’m really pleased to have set a new lifetime best on the way to winning the overall best lifter title at this year’s British Championship. This competition forms part of my preparations for the forthcoming defence of my world title in Russia at the end of next month. I’m realistic that the trip to Moscow will be the toughest test of my whole career to date, however this result gives me encouragement and incentive to improve again over the coming weeks."

Chris has been lifting for 11 years, and has remained one of the world's highest ranked deadlifters. In addition to multiple wins in general competition (gold at the 2005 World Championships; two silvers at the 2004 Worlds; bronze in the 2009 European championships), he is a well-known ambassador for the Gay Games, at which he holds the record for squat, deadlift and total poundage. Chris in fact got his competitive start at the 1998 World Gay Games, and only after finding success there moved to ordinary international competition. Since then he has competed in three more Gay Games, breaking his own records each time, and has been a huge promoter of the Games internationally. But in 2008 illness and injury threatened to end his career; now he is blazing back, and keeping the Cologne Games in mind as he looks ahead at the calendar. "This year promises an exciting competition schedule," he says, "with the World Championships in Moscow in April, the Gay Games in Cologne in July and the European Championships in Malta in October all set to  inspire me to new heights as I strive to improve my own personal best." In particular, he says, he is proud to represent his home country, England, in international competition—and to serve for the Gay Games as one of their Global Ambassadors.

We'll be keeping an eye on Chris as he heads into the World Championships, and especially look forward to seeing his results in Cologne in July. And here is a little something to get you in the mood....