• Photo for Gay Powerlifter Chris Morgan Wins World Open Deadlift Title
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chris Morgan

Gay Powerlifter Chris Morgan Wins World Open Deadlift Title

By L.K. Regan

Recently, we brought you an update on gay British powerlifter Chris Morgan, who has been staging a massive comeback from a career-threatening injury on his way to defending his Gay Games title this summer. Now, we're happy to report that Chris has made another giant step forward by defending his World Open Deadlift Title in Moscow this week.

Chris won the World Open Deadlift Title in the 82.5kg weight class with lifts of 210kg, 240kg and 250kg to clinch the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Championship in Moscow last weekend. But he almost didn't get there at all, as the ash from the Icelandic volcano grounded flights from the UK, where Chris lives. Ordinarily, lifters arrive at competition venues days in advance to acclimate to the environment, but in this case Chris was forced to shorten his preparations.

Even so, he was excited to be part of the competition. "Russia is the ultimate tournament location for a competitive Powerlifter,” Chris added, “and I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to compete in Moscow. This was always going to be the most difficult backdrop for this year’s world championships, providing both challenging conditions and environment. These championships have been one of the most fulfilling and interesting experiences of my career to date, especially meeting participants from former Soviet nations such as Moldova, Turkmenistan and Ukraine that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet."

This global spirit is what one would expect from Chris, who is a Gay Games ambassador. Much of his competitive calendar focuses on the Games, where he got his lifting start in 1998 with a silver medal victory. Curently, he holds the gold medals from the 2002 and 2006 Games. "It fills me with great pride to be arriving at this year’s Gay Games in Cologne as a three time World Open Champion and to be representing the Federation of Gay Games as one of their global ambassadors,” said Chris. “One of the key objectives at this year’s Gay Games is outreach to Eastern Europe, so it seems particularly relevant to have been able to carry the Gay Games message at this year’s World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow, Russia."

We're going to be keeping a close eye on Chris' progress, and especially on his performance at the Gay Games. Expect to see an update then—and hopefully a new set of medals.