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RealJock Forum Aims for One Million Push-ups

By L.K. Regan

There's something really exciting going on in our forums. No, it's not the whole “guy above you“ thing, though it is amazing how many varieties that can have. Rather, a bunch of intrepid RealJockers are on a mission to do one million push-ups, adding their daily counts to a running total and posting them to the forum. They've just crossed the 100,000 mark, less than three months after they started. Anyone can contribute: all you need is willingness to do push-ups—as many or as few as you like—and some basic math skills.

On April 25th of this year, Rockbiter came up with a simple, compelling forum topic: to keep track of how many push-ups RealJock members are doing, and add them together until the total reaches a cool million. As he said in his original post, “This is a good reminder of what can be accomplished when everyone pushes a little.“ He started with 30. Now, the forum's total is up to 113,000 and counting. The only rules of the game: count your push-ups, add them to the running total, and show your work when doing the math. The guys in this forum hope to hit a million in less than a year. We thought maybe we could persuade a few more guys to help out.

The million push-up forum has a lively, funny dynamic. Guys give each other kudos and support. Math errors abound, and are quickly corrected. Rockbiter from the beginning invited anyone participating to feel free to dedicate the push-ups to someone or something, and he often does so himself, in ways liable to make you laugh out loud. Our favorite: “These are dedicated to a kick-ass cover letter that I just wrote.“ Well, why not?

Some of the guys in the forum are putting up amazing push-up numbers, but the most inspiring thing in watching the totals climb is how every contribution, even if it's only a few push-ups, moves that count steadily higher. Every push-up counts, no matter how small the set. So, come on. Be part of something big, while getting a big chest. Keep count. Add it up. We can't wait to see this cross the finish line.