• Photo for Gay Kiss-in Greets Pope's Visit to Spain

Gay Kiss-in Greets Pope's Visit to Spain

By L.K. Regan

Pope Benedict XVI visited Spain this weekend for the second time in his pontificate, and was greeted by protesters—of a rather unusual kind. To confront the pope's very vocal opposition to gay marriage, some 200 gay and lesbian protesters staged a Barcelona kiss-in.

Benedict XVI has been very clear about his opposition to legal gay marriage in Spain—as well as his opposition to liberalized abortion laws in that country. “The indissoluble love between a man and a woman is the effective framework and foundation of human life in its gestation, its birth, its growth and its natural end” he said in a homily on Sunday. "The Church opposes all forms of denial of human life and supports those who promote the natural order in the family institution."

But in a Spain that increasingly prides itself on its progressive social policies, this kind of rhetoric is not taken lying down. It's taken standing up, and in a lip-lock. On Sunday, as tens of thousands turned out in Barcelona to greet Benedict's arrival, some 200 gays and lesbians participated in a five-minute kiss-in along his travel route. "We are here to demonstrate against the pope's visit and call for a change in the mentality of the Catholic institution which still opposes our right to different ways of loving," said one protester, Sergi Diaz. Spain has had legal gay marriage for five years.

From Sky News, here is video of the protest, complete with kissing: