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Free Holiday Nutrition Support From Manuel Villacorta

By L.K. Regan

Manuel Villacorta (MS, RD, CSSD, one of the leading nutritionists in the San Francisco Bay Area and creator of the RealJock Healthy Weight-Loss Programs) has, via his articles and weight loss challenges, helped many of our guys achieve a new relationship to food. Now, Manuel has introduced Eating Free, a new program that he believes will help users manage not only their weight but their lifestyle. And if you want to try it out, here's your chance—he's offering RealJock members nearly three months of free access to his Eating Free online service. That's enough take you through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's; an entire holiday season without weight gain. It's an Eating Free Free-For-All.

"The average American gains between one and 10 pounds over the holidays," Manuel warns us. In order to combat this, he'll offer his program free between what he calls "two major diet sabotage dates"—Thanksgiving 2010 and Super Bowl Sunday 2011. If you want to be part of his online service, Eating Free, it will be, well, free, from Monday, November 15, 2010 until Sunday, February 6, 2011. But this isn't a plot to ruin your holidays. "Eating Free is designed for the way people really live—going to parties, having drinks with friends, and having fun,” Manuel says. “This freedom helps people keep the weight off for the rest of their lives.”

Here's how it works: Using your desktop computer, laptop, handheld device (or Eating Free’s upcoming iPhone app!), you begin by completing a simple online questionnaire, which generates a customized weekly (as opposed to daily) nutrition plan. Each day, you record your food consumption online using a simple series of drop-down menus; Eating Free guides you to make the right decisions for your meals and—if you overeat—auto-corrects your plan to ensure that you stay on track with weight loss.

The free service you can receive beginning on November 15th will include a Holiday Weight Management Support Package, with access to recipes and sample menus, daily emailed tips, weekly radio podcasts, and monthly webinars led by Manuel himself. The entire package is valued at over $500 per person, but comes to you for free (though personal coaching is available for an additional fee). Participants who refer the program will also receive a Holiday Cheat Sheet (a handy reference of common holiday foods and their values) for free when their friends, family, and co-workers sign up and list them as referrals. And those who use Twitter or Facebook to spread the word about the Free-For-All will receive the Eating Free Recipes Booklet and Low-Calorie Substitutions Chart for free.

Interested in taking advantage of this offer? Head over to Manuel's site,, and sign up.