• Photo for Exercises From Billy Polson's Upcoming RJ Workout Program
    Photo Credit: Gairo Cuevas

Exercises From Billy Polson's Upcoming RJ Workout Program

By L.K. Regan

We're putting together a holiday gift for our members, and we're too excited to keep it a secret any longer. Many of you have loved doing Billy Polson's Strong and Lean Workout Program. Now, Billy is putting together a new 12-week workout program just for RealJock. We'll be rolling it out next month in its entirety, but to give you a taste of what's to come, we're putting out some of the exercises as a preview.

Billy's workout will feature not only new exercises, but new high definition workout videos, hosted on our RealJock YouTube channel. We invite you to check out the exercises, watch the videos, and start practicing in advance. In the coming weeks, we'll continue premiering exercises from the program—stay tuned! Here are four to get you started.

Dumbbell Push Jerks
Use a squat position as the basis for a powerful overhead shoulder press. In Billy's workout, you can expect to do these quickly up and slowly down; a key element of the new workout will be timing of the movements—no slamming around the gym.

Barbell Front Squats
A challenging sibling to the standard barbell squat, the front squat requires balance and control. You'll be doing these at a slow tempo, with a hold at the bottom for balance and strength.

Dual Cable Flys, Staggered Stance
Cable flys allow you to lift heavier weight, but insist on your controlling that weight throughout your range of motion. For this exercise as well, a pause at the apex of your motion will challenge your strength and control.

Barbell Side Lunges
The key to barbell side lunges is not to push out over the bent leg, but to sit back behind it. Loaded up with a barbell, this takes balance and strength alike.