• Photo for Functional Exercises From Billy Polson's New Workout Program
    Photo Credit: Gairo Cuevas

Functional Exercises From Billy Polson's New Workout Program

By L.K. Regan

Recently we told you about our little holiday surprise for our members: a new 12-week workout program just for RealJock, courtesy of super-trainer Billy Polson. Many of you have loved doing Billy's Strong and Lean Workout Program. His new program promises to be even better. We'll be rolling it out next month in its entirety, but to give you a taste of what's to come, we're putting out some of the exercises as a preview.

Billy's workout will feature not only new exercises, but new high definition workout videos, hosted on our RealJock YouTube channel. We invite you to check out the exercises, watch the videos, and start practicing in advance. In the coming weeks, we'll continue premiering exercises from the program. For today, here are four examples of the kind of functional training you can expect from this workout: multi-muscle-group, full-body exercises to get you strong and cut.

Split Squat Dual Dumbbell Curl Press
Here a split squat (effectively, a stationary lunge) provides the platform for a combined bicep curl and overhead press. Balance work and strength training meet.

Low Squat Hold Dual Cable Wide Pulldowns
Here again a familiar exercise (the wide-grip pulldown) is based in a squat. The idea: instead of sitting on a bench to do your upper body work, you yourself become the bench, holding a squat position to provide balance for the exercise.

Rocker Side Lunges and Cable Wood Chops
Too often our workouts are front-back oriented. This tough, twisting exercise develops the lateral muscles necessary for stability in motion—not to mention developing mass.

Barbell Sumo Deadlifts
When done with heavy weight, the deadlift is the gold standard of back exercises. Here it is attached to a squat that provides the basis of the lift, both protecting the back and developing leg and core strength.