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Rocker Lunges with Single-Cable Vertical Pull

By RealJock Staff

This exercise provided courtesy of Billy Polson, founder and co-owner of DIAKADI Body training gym, voted best personal training gym in San Francisco by CitySearch in 2006.

Works your body in multiple planes of motion by combining the side lunge with a twist and pull-down.

Muscles Worked
Legs, Glutes, Back, Core

Starting Position
Set the arms of a cable machine at the high setting. Stand with your left leg near to the machine and with your body at a 45-degree angle outward. You will be facing away from the machine, at an angle. Take a wide stance, with toes slightly out. Lunge over your left leg, toward the machine, and reach around with your right hand to grasp the cable on your left. You will be twisting through your body, and staying low in your lunge.


  1. Now, drive through your left heel and stay low as you shift your weight and lunge over your right leg. At the same time, pull the cable down and across your body, retracting your right shoulder blade down and back. Focus the pull through your right pinky to work through your back instead of your bicep and shoulder.
  2. As you pull the cable you should rotate your upper body slightly and contract your lower abs, giving your core stability. Keep your palm down with the cable hand at all times.
  3. Slowly extend your right arm back up towards the cable system as you shift your weight back from the right to left leg and rotate your chest toward the left cable. Stay low at all times in the lunge, especially when switching sides.
  4. Repeat for a full set and then swap sides, facing the opposite direction in your lunge and holding the cable with the opposite hand. Always keep your chest open and shoulders back with your spine tall.

About Billy Polson: Billy Polson is co-founder of the award-winning Diakadi Body personal training gym and creators of RealJock's 12-week Workout Programs. Billy is a certified Level 1 Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Paul Chek Institute as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Have burning questions about your fitness that you want Billy and Diakadi co-founder Mike Clausen to answer? Send an email to