• Photo for Brace Yourself: More Exercises from Billy Polson's Upcoming Workout Program
    Photo Credit: Gairo Cuevas

Brace Yourself: More Exercises from Billy Polson's Upcoming Workout Program

By L.K. Regan

Did you hear that later this month we're launching an amazing holiday gift for our members? What's underneath the wrapping paper and the bow?? A new 12-week workout program just for RealJock, courtesy of super-trainer Billy Polson! Many of you have loved doing Billy's Strong and Lean Workout Program. His new program promises to be even better. We'll be rolling it out next month in its entirety, but to give you a taste of what's to come, we're putting out some of the exercises as a preview.

Billy's new workout will consist of four days per week of lifting and two days of interval cardio. The entire basis of the workout is functional training: that is, exercises that train the entire body in the movements used in daily life, but modified and shaped to get you strong and cut. An additional feature of the new workout is our new, high-definition workout videos, hosted on our RealJock YouTube channel. We invite you to check out the exercises, watch the videos, and start practicing in advance. Here are five more exercises for you to play with:

Feet on Stability Ball Push-up to Pike-up
When done on the floor, this is a functional strength exercises for core, back, chest and shoulders. Put it on a stability ball and it's still all of that, plus balance training for your stabilizing muscles.

Rocker Single-Cable Shoulder Press
This is a dynamic exercise that combines a side, rocker lunge with an overhead cable press. Mimics the motion of fielding and throwing—great for athletes, or those who just want a hot, athletic body.

Dual Dumbbell Dead-Rows
Most guys are too tight through their chest, both from too much bench press and from too much sitting at a desk, rounding forward. This exercise develops your upper back. You'll stand up straighter, and actually look taller and thinner. What's not to love?

Rocker Lunges with Single-Cable Vertical Pull
Here's that rocker lunge again. This time, the side-to-side lunge is combined with a cable cross-pull. The point: dynamic movement through multiple planes of motion. This kind of movement develops strength across all muscles evenly.

Strength and flexibility are closely related. This deceptively simple exercise both stretches and strengthens the entire back.