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Holiday Grab-Bag: Our Favorite RJ Articles From 2010

By L.K. Regan

Happy holidays from all of us at RealJock! To offer some encouragement for next year—and a look back at all the great things of 2010—we've pulled out out of the RealJock archives a few of our favorite articles from our regular writers. We invite you to give them a read, whether for the first time, or just to refresh your memory.

The Bomber (Part 1 here, Part II here, Part III here)
Over the summer we published a three-part hypertrophy (i.e., "get big") workout from our martial arts expert James Parker. This is a full-body, functional training workout for the whole body—and we want to persuade more people to try it, because it kills. And, for the method that underlies the workout, check out James' Fighter's Top Five Training Principles. It's solid thinking for serious fitness folk.

Understanding Bigorexia: When Fitness Goes too Far
On the other hand, it is possible to get a little too attached to the whole "get big" idea. From Russ Klettke, here's an article investigating "bigorexia," or guys who get so obsessed with putting on muscle that they can't live a normal—or healthy—life.

A Step in the Right Direction: An Introduction to Barefoot Training From UC Berkeley Fitness Operations Director Devin Wicks comes a primer on the latest craze: barefoot running. Devin takes us through the research, and explains how to safely shed your shoes. And, if that doesn't satiate your interest in fitness fads, also take a look at Devin's article on What's Trending in Fitness.

Know Your Needs: How to Create Intimacy with a Partner—And Yourself
Joe Weston is both a spiritual coach and our RJ-exclusive advice columnist. In this piece, Joe talks about an issue that is often particularly difficult for gay men: creating intimacy within a relationship. It won't just happen—you'll have to find it. And Joe has ideas on how. Also check out Ask Joe, his advice column. A few particularly provocative (and insightful) letters can be found here and here. We invite any RealJockers to write to Joe with a question:

Manuel's Top Five: What Every Guy Should Have in the Fridge
Manuel Villacorta is our favorite nutritionist, a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association, and the creator of the innovative (and, until February 6, totally free) website Eating Free. Manuel wrote a series of top five tips for us this year that was packed with useful, usable nutrition advice. From grocery shopping to yummy veggie recipes to eating out, Manuel covered all the basics. Check it out.

Set it Straight: How to Identify and Address Posture Problems
Last, but by no measure least, super-trainer Billy Polson takes on the rounded backs so prevalent in our desk-bound culture. This is our opportunity to remind you that we will shortly be premiering Billy's new workout program, based on the innovative, latest-research-based, exciting training method you expect from this most popular of trainers. Get ready for 2011 to be your best fitness year yet!