Complete Strength 12-Week Workout: Sequence Overview

The first column on the left-hand side of the "workouts" section of the Complete Strength 12-week program is a field labelled "sequence." You will use this field to tell you both the order of the exercises and when exercises are linked together as supersets. (For more on supersets, click here.) The number in the sequence column tells you the order of the exercises, beginning with one. If a number repeats with subsequent exercises, it means that these are supersetted together until a new number appears.

So, for example, in day one of the program, Barbell Sumo Deadlifts have a "1" in the sequence column, meaning that they are the first exercise. If you look at the rest column, you will see that they are to be followed with 90 seconds of rest after each set. The next two exercises, however (Stability Ball Push-ups and Smith Machine Inverted Pull-ups), both have a "2" in the sequence column. This means that you will superset these: one set of the push-ups will be immediately followed (note that the rest column has a "0", for no rest) by a set of the pull-ups. The rest column now says to wait two minutes before beginning with the second set of the push-ups, and repeating the superset. Hint: whenever the rest column has a "0", this will signal a superset with the following exercise.