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RealJocks revealed

RealJock staff

In case you couldn’t tell by looking at each other, you’re a remarkable group of men. Fine and fit young specimens indeed.

Last week, we asked you to take a quick survey. Well, the results are in. Overwhelmingly, you said you visit RealJock because it’s a good fit with your lifestyle. One respondant said he’s a RealJock because of his “obsession with looking great, exercising, eating well and meeting others who share these same goals in life.”

First, you are young. The average age of RealJock members is 31.5. You are extremely fit, too (duh!). Fifty-seven percent of you describe yourselves as the Adonis-like mesomorph, while 30 percent of you say you’re lean, sexy ectomorphs and 13 percent say you’re bulky, bearish endomorphs.

Big surprise, RealJocks work out a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. A whopping 55 percent of you work out more than five times a week, while 38 percent work out three-to-four times per week.

You know the old adage “gay men hate cardio.” Well, it appears to be true of you, too. Sixty-five percent of you say cardio comprises 50 percent or less of your workout. Five percent of you are cardio junkies, doing over 76 percent of workout as cardio.

Oh yeah, and that whole stereotype of the big chested man with chicken legs? You told on yourselves again. Your favorite muscle group to workout: Your chest. Least favorite: Your legs.

Swimming is the winner of the favorite sports activity by a landslide. Other favorite sports activities include running, lifting, biking and baseball / softball.

Yes, you’re a healthy lot. Only seven percent of you smoke, but 67 percent of your indulge in an occasional cocktail. One in 10 of you reports being HIV positive.

Feeling and looking great are important to you as 91 percent say you workout to look and feel good and 67 percent say you workout for your health.

How out are you? You’re mixed bag here. Fifty-eight percent of you are out to your families, 54 percent are out at your sport and 50 percent are out at work.

RealJocks enjoy the member profiles the best, but also find the workouts, nutrition, strength training and member-to-member interaction valuable.

“RealJock brings together a group of gay men who normally aren't brought together on the Internet,” one respondant said. “I also appreciate the workout articles and nutrition ones as well. Great site!”

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