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Single Cable Side Rocker Lunges with Shoulder Press

By RealJock Staff

This exercise provided courtesy of Billy Polson, founder and co-owner of DIAKADI Body training gym, voted best personal training gym in San Francisco by CitySearch in 2006.

Switch a lunge from side to side as you twist through a shoulder press to develop legs, shoulders and—bonus!—core.

Muscles Worked
Shoulders, Legs

Starting Position
Stand with the cable system on your right, and the cable on that side in the low position. Place your feet wide, with toes turned slightly out to the side. Take the cable in your right hand and hold it at shoulder height.


  1. From the starting position, lunge to the right toward the cable machine, bringing your hips back as you put your weight over your bent right leg. In your lunge your chest should stay tall while your weight is back on your heels.
  2. From your deep lunge, push off your right leg to bring your lunge to the left, while simultaneously driving your right hand up.
  3. Twist your body as you push the arm up, so that you are pushing up into an angled shoulder press; at the top of the press, your arm will be extended at about a 45-degree angle, and your bicep will be next to your right eye. As you press the cable, your lower abs should contract to give you core stability.
  4. Slowly bring the cable back down to shoulder level as you shift your weight back to your right lunge. Be sure to stay low at all times—do not straighten your legs or stand up as you switch the lunge from side to side.
  5. Do a set with one arm, then turn around to place the cable on your left side, and begin with the left lunge and left arm.
About Billy Polson: Billy Polson is co-founder of the award-winning Diakadi Body personal training gym and creators of RealJock's 12-week Workout Programs. Billy is a certified Level 1 Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Paul Chek Institute as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Have burning questions about your fitness that you want Billy and Diakadi co-founder Mike Clausen to answer? Send an email to