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New Diet Plan Uses Grocery Store as Weight Loss Tool

By L.K. Regan

It's a standard tenet of weight-loss plans that the key to calorie control is eating at home. At a restaurant you never really know what you're getting, but if you cook for yourself you can take control. But most guys don't know what to buy, and the grocery store, with its endless aisles and limitless temptations, can seem like an eating minefield. Enter a new plan,, which invites you to rethink your relationship with your local supermarket. Better yet, they're offering a special for RJ members—just in time for spring.

The Grocery Store Diet was developed by a group of registered dietitians, nutritionists and culinary experts, who found that ordinary diets not only make food the enemy, they make shopping for food the enemy— because they're all about foods to avoid. The Grocery Store Diet, instead, provides detailed grocery lists and integrating them into a total food plan. "The thing is," a spokesperson told us, "the grocery store is actually your secret weapon for staying thin and trim. The key is to know how to shop, and how to turn groceries into meals and snacks that work with your metabolism." With the Grocery Store Diet, you're looking at products at the store for how they fit into a healthy profile—meeting targets for fiber protein, and calcium, and keeping within optimum calorie limits. "Every day, the Grocery Store Diet gives you plans for three healthy meals and delicious snacks," so you can go to the store with a plan."

The Grocery Store Diet was designed for people who may not have access to a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, or be able to go shopping several times a week, but who none the less want to eat healthily and not spend a fortune doing it. The website offers coupons to help put tightening your belt together with, well, tightening your belt. And, the site (and the book that is the basis of the plan) comes in a special version just for guys.

If you want to give it a try, the diet comes with a digital copy of the Grocery Store Diet book, plus daily coupons and savings offers, 21 days of online support, and a potential prize of a fridge of free groceries. Get a friend to join and you'll even get five bucks back. Head over to, and enter the code grwr11 when prompted.