• Photo for Namon Huddleston, Jr.
    Photo Credit: courtesy of the Gay Games VII

Namon Huddleston, Jr.

By Gay Games VII Staff

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Namon Huddleston, Jr., 36, a standardized patient trainer from Chicago, likes to play in the sand. He’s making his Gay Games debut playing beach volleyball.

What’s your team like?
My team generally plays for a local bar. We have played together for two years now. It’s a team of five. We started off at the beginner level and will be playing in 2006 in the advanced division.

What is your goal for Gay Games Chicago 2006? Going for the gold?
Win, of course. However, we know that won’t always happen so just being a part will be our win.

What impact has participating in the Gay Games had on your life? What role has sports played in your life?
I’ve not played in any of the Games before, but I already have a great sense of pride by just registering.

How long have you been playing your sport? What role does it play in your life?
I have been playing volleyball about 4 years. I play other sports throughout the year, so no one sport consumes too much time.

What do you consider your main achievements or accomplishments, whether in your sport or otherwise?
We were first in our division and tournament last year. We came in second in the division this year and first in the tournament—we kicked butt!

Have you personally experienced anti-gay bias in your sports/cultural activities?
I’m asked how “girlie” we are and people say how funny it must be to watch gay guys play sports—so yes.

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