Tips from the Masters: The Essentials of a Personal Trainer's Assessment

By Billy Polson

At San Francisco's award-winning Diakadi Body personal training gym, the trainers follow the rule that the key to designing a successful and truly individualized program for clients is a thorough assessment. Without it, an exercise program is simply a general guessing game. In this video, Diakadi Body co-founder and RealJock super-trainer Billy Polson breaks down his recommended list of elements to be found in a thorough personal trainer's assessment including a health history, lifestyle questions (nutrition, sleep, stress, goals, etc), posture assessment, muscle testing (flexibility, strength), and a full movement screen.

Tips from the Masters is provided courtesy of Billy Polson, creator of RealJock's Complete Strength 12-Week Workout Program. Polson and his partner Mike Clausen are founders and owners of the award-winning Diakadi Body personal training gym, voted San Francisco Magazine's "Best Place to Get Fit" as well as the San Francisco Chronicle's and CitySearch list of the Top Trainers in The Bay Area. For additional tips from the masters, check out the Diakadi Body Blog.