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Fight fake profiles

By RealJock Staff

It happens all the time. You read the profile of some dreamy guy, pearly white teeth, glass-cutting jaw, clear blue eyes, muscles for days. You chat online. He’s witty and charming. Finally, you meet in person and it goes something like this:

“Um, who are you?”

“I’m DreamyBob.”

“Uh, no, DreamyBob was, well, dreamy. You’re five inches shorter and rounder. Where did your teeth go?”

To combat fake profiles, RealJock offers profile verification and Verified Hotties search. It’s a free process to fight the fakes.

“Every site has its share of fake profiles,” RealJock, Inc., President Jeff Titterton said. “But while most sites don't do a lot to stop them, we try our best to keep the fakes off of”

RealJock fights fakes by screening all photos submitted to the site, following up on member fake reports and encouraging members to verify their profiles to weed out fakes.

“It may mean fewer profiles on RealJock and more work for us,” Titterton said, “but it also means more real people having real interactions, and a healthier web community in the long run.”

Why should you take the time to verify? Well, more people will trust that you are you and want to meet you. Also, RealJock bumps verified hotties to the top of searches.

“By verifying your profile, you encourage others to verify theirs, pushing the fakes down the lists and hopefully off the site,” Titterton said.

As a thank you gift, Instinct magazine will send a free one-year subscription to U.S. residents who verify their RealJock profiles.

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself holding up a piece of paper with the text "RealJock 123" written on it and submit it using the verification form. RealJock customer service generally verifies profiles within 12-24 hours of submission.

“At RealJock, we work to create a place where gay and bisexual men who actually, truthfully participate in sports and fitness activities can meet each other. By verifying their profiles, RealJock members help us achieve this goal. The way we see it, the more members verify their profiles, the harder it is for the fakes to hide among us,” Titterton said.

To learn more about verifying your profile, click here.