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Gay site pulls naked Aussie footballer pics

A web site for gay Australian football fans has taken down naked pics of professional Australian football players after the Australian Football League Player's Association demanded it remove them for privacy concerns, according to the Australian Associated Press. provides chat rooms, newsletters, game reports, surveys, and other community tools for gay and lesbian Australian football fans. It also had a popular picture gallery with photos of AFL players.

AFL Players Association president Brendan Gale told the APP that he thought that the majority of the photos were not offensive or inappropriate, but that a few rankled the AFLPA.

"Unfortunately, there's a small handful (of images) that I would regard as extremely offensive, photos taken in circumstances where players had no knowledge ... in full or partial nudity," Gale told APP.

A notice on the site reads, "Due to alleged concerns expressed by the AFLPA on behalf of some of their members we have removed the Picture Gallery from the site."