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10-year erection nets man $400,000 in damages

Most guys would pay $400,000 for a 10-year erection. Not Charles “Chick” Lennon, a 68-year-old handyman who received a Dura-II steel and plastic implant in 1996 (two years before the advent of Viagra).

The implant was supposed to allow Lennon to position his penis up for sex, then return it to its normal position. Lennon’s implant does not allow him to return his penis to the off position.

Due to medical complications, Lennon cannot have the implant removed.

His lawyer said that since the implant Lennon cannot hug his grandchildren or anyone, wear a swimsuit or ride a bike because of the pain and embarrassment, according to the associated press.

A jury awarded Lennon $750,000, but the judge called that excessive and reduced the award to $400,000.