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NFL player takes 'gay' accusation like a gentleman

By RealJock Staff

He’s no Mike Piazza. And that’s a very good thing.

In divorce proceedings, Jean Strahan accused her husband, New York Giant defensive end Michael Strahan, of pursuing an alternative lifestyle for spending lots of time with TV doctor Ian Smith (who is married).

Rather than pull a Piazza, complete with press conference denial and photo ops with hot babes in straight New York hotspots, Strahan visited a gym in the West Village and dined at a Meatpacking District hotspot with his alleged lover, Smith.

According to the New York Daily News, Strahan appeared on a New York radio program and said he had many friends who were gay or bisexual and that he was cool with that.

"This is New York City," Strahan said during a brief phone call to the station. "If you can't accept people for being people, then you have no business being here."

A day later Strahan’s ex-wife-to-be backed off her allegations, part of an ugly divorce proceeding that also includes allegations that Strahan is an unfaithful skirt chaser.

Strahan’s response is a breath of fresh air for gays and lesbians who follow the world of sports and signals a refreshing change in attitudes toward the LGBT community.

“What's going on in sports is similar to any gay-related argument," activist Dan Woog told the New York Daily News. "Increasing numbers of people are fine with civil unions. But the president still just came out for a constitutional ban on gay marriage. I think what's happening in sports mirrors what is happening in society."