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Sleep your way to a slimmer you

By RealJock Staff

Going to gym and eating right, but you're still not shedding the pounds? New research indicates that sleeping more can help you lose weight.

Hormonal shifts from lack of sleep may increase your appetite for fat-filled carbs, researches found.

"We all need to be aware there is a relationship between sleep and obesity," J. Catesby Ware, chief of the division of sleep medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and director of the Sleep Disorder Center at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Va., told HealthDay.

Ware and his colleagues found that among the 1,000 men and women surveyed, the ones who slept the least were also the most likely to be overweight.

"There are a number of research studies that all support the thesis that too little sleep leads to weight gain," Ware, who conducted the most recent study, told HealthDay. "How that happens is still somewhat unclear, but there are hormonal secretions that are affected with sleep loss that apparently affect appetite and eating."

The magic number for sleep appears to be around eight hours, researchers say.

"By sleeping more, you gain on all fronts," Ware told HealthDay. "If you are obese and are trying to lose weight, it's almost a no-brainer."