• Photo for Real Athlete Stephane Vachon strikes gold at OutGames
    Photo Credit: courtesy of Stephane Vachon

Real Athlete Stephane Vachon strikes gold at OutGames

By RealJock Staff

It's a gold medal sweep for Real Athlete Stephane Vachon, 37, at the World OutGames in Montreal.

His triumphant return to skating concluded with a gold for individual performance and a gold in pairs skating with partner Jan Calnan at the masters level. In June, Stephane won the master's adult mens and mixed pairs competitions at the second ISU Adult International Figure Skating Competition in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Vachon is giddy with excitement about being on the ice again.

"I am just so thankful to life for giving me such a great opportunities at my age," he said. "I lended my first triple jump since I was 16 years old in that competition. I got incredible marks. The audience was so great, supporting me throughout my performance."

It's been a long comeback road for Vachon, who hung up his skates at 17 due to anti-gay harassment.

After his performance, he said, "I felt really relieved. It has been a long year and difficult with injuries and a lot of emotions."

The gold medalist is taking a much deserved break now, but he's setting his sights high for the next round of competitions.

"I will start training again at the end of August with new program for next season," he said. "By next winter, I want to have three triple jumps in my solo performance. It's making me so happy to be able to compete again."