• Photo for Mr. Gay Venezuela may be a fraud

Mr. Gay Venezuela may be a fraud

RealJock Staff

The popular gay blog Made In Brazil has reported that the Mr. Venezuela finalist from the International Mr. Gay Competition may be a fraud.

Made In Brazil noted in the posting that the photos of the finalist claiming to be Mr. Venezuela had actually already been posted on Made in Brazil in a previous fotolog. Excluding the name, the details from MIB's fotolog of the week and the Venezuela finalist did not match.

In a comment posted on the Made In Brazil's blog entry, Don Spradlin, the executive director of the International Mr. Gay Competition, responded by noting that "our Certification Committee did approve this man's application, but he has not yet provided the required passport photo ID and/or cam interview."

We'll just wait and see how it all shakes out. As a company that deals with its own share of fakes, RealJock just wishes to say this little aside: People who steal other people's pics are truly pathetic.

There, we've said it. Now, with that little gay-beauty-contest drama out of the way, how about a look at some of our favorites among the (we assume real) finalists from the North American portion of the International Mr. Gay program:

Mr. Gay Los Angeles

Mr. Gay Chicago

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