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    Photo Credit: Paul E. Pratt

Shh, sexy muscle secrets

By Paul E. Pratt

Newsflash, homo! Men are attracted to more than just big chests and arms.

Sure, those are favorite body parts for most guys, but everyone has other body parts they enjoy gawking privately. And sometimes they're things you wouldn't imagine.

From the obvious to the obscure, find out which muscle groups these hotties-next-door think are particularly irresistible that other men tend to overlook. Here three RealJocks weigh in on the subject.

Denny G., 34
I think the obvious answer is legs. It's one of the most neglected body parts. A lot of men think that because chest and biceps are the most visible, that's what they work on. It works for a lot of guys. When you see them in shorts, though, it becomes obvious. I don't want to be critical of anybody, but you just can't help but notice people who are top heavy and neglect the bottom half of their body. I'm actually a little more fortunate because mine are bigger because of genetics. Most guys don't like to do legs because it's a big muscle group. Maybe they don't notice the results as much or quickly. I always make sure to do legs, even if it's not really heavy weights, at least once a week.

Troy Harris, 37
I'd have to say I like the upper back—rhomboids and trapezoids, which pull you into better posture. You can affect those with upright dumbbell rows, supinated high rope row and stretching. It shows they are paying attention to all muscle groups and they specifically know how to target muscles most people don't know how to hit.

A lot of people are very focused on what they see in front of them. Guys don't have a three-dimensional perspective of what they look like. They are hyper-focused on developing their chests and don't know exactly how to target those muscle groups. People comment about my posture, that I have good posture. That's because I try to have equal balance in my workout. It's all about striving for good posture. The better the posture, the better your back and everything else.

Clifton Raine, 47
I think men work on the upper part of their chest, but I really don't think they work on their undercut—that push-up bra look. They focus more on the top part of their chest because they think that's going to give them bigger chest. The undercut is what really gives the definition. Men seem to work on the top of their chest and the center, but not really the under part. They need to spend more time on the decline chest.

Trainers often tell people they will hurt their shoulders by doing too much weight. That's really not true, as long as you do it correctly. Unfortunately, the decline press really is what gives you that undercut. If you do the cables and do the lower cables and pull it up, you really get that definition. I notice most guys, even if they're doing cables, really don't do that exercise.