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Logo television wants to film you coming out

RealJock Staff

Logo, MTV's LGBT cable television network, is looking for people like you who want to be filmed coming out to their loved ones for its television series "Coming Out Stories".

"We're looking for people from all walks of life, as long as they are over 21 and have someone important in their life that they need to come out to," Logo spokesperson Marissa Branson told RealJock.

To apply to be featured on "Coming Out Stories," simply send your contact information, your story, and a picture to and someone will get back to you if your story makes the cut.

Each episode of the show follows an individual as he or she comes out to an important person in his or her life. Be forewarned it's not all hugs and tears of joy—while some participants find love, acceptance and even a few laughs, others must deal with the pain of on-camera rejection.

Which of course makes for good TV.

So why put yourself through the emotional ringer in 2006 by allowing one of gay life's most difficult moments to be filmed for a nationwide audience? We asked Branson that question. Her reply:

"In a time when our fight for equal rights is still being waged every day, 2006 is just as imperative as any other time to share our stories. 'Coming Out' sums this up in such a strong way because it's a simple revolutionary act that people all over the world take part in everyday: simply saying 'I exist'."

Excellent point. If you want to see what you're getting yourself into before you throw your hat into the ring, check out the Coming Out Stories web site, where you can read more about the series, find out who's being featured next, and watch coming out videos from stars like singer Rufus Wainright and Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez.

P.S.—If you do get selected to appear on "Coming Out Stories" and are a RealJock member, we want to hear about it. Let us know when your episode is airing and we'll plug it on the site.