• Photo for Real Athlete: Volleyball player BJ Johnson
    Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith

Real Athlete: Volleyball player BJ Johnson

By RealJock Staff

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BJ Johnson, 27, plays indoor volleyball with the Los Angeles Hollywoodies, a tough competitor at Gay Games VII. RealJock caught up with him courtside before his team beat the Sydney Schoupa. Johnson dominates the court when he plays, and we really enjoyed his forceful yet delicate touch.

When you’re not playing volleyball, what do you do?
I’m a musician.

You said this is your first time at the Gay Games? What prompted you to come here to Chicago?
I wanted to experience the true spirit of the Games and the great competition. Oh yeah, plus I wanted to see and meet hot guys.

What kind of training have you been doing to get ready for the Gay Games?
My team, the Los Angeles Hollywoodies, practices three times per week.

What are you goals for the Games?
I want my team to do well, of course, but I’m really here to have fun and to meet cool people.

What’s your sports history?
I started playing sports in grade school and never stopped. I played volleyball competitively in college. Outside of volleyball, I play tennis for fun.