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RealJock lands song on TV show

By S. Wentworth

As RealJock members know, magic happens online every day. In 2001, a musical match was made on the web. Singer and RealJock member Mike Andrews (Haight) met Daniel Hagenfeldt. Together, they created the throbbing hot dance licks that caught the attention of Here TV's music supervisor, Brian Goldman.

"Truth" made its television debut on Here's "Dante's Cove" on Sept. 1 during a frontal nudity scene.

"At 16 minutes into the episode, a new male character is introduced," the 32-year-old Andrews said. "He's a muscular, Spanish man who proceeds to get completely naked (full frontal, gentlemen) and jumps into the pool at the Hotel Dante."

Andrews, whose "Truth" peaked at no. 4 on San Francisco's Garageband (dance charts), said that "music reviews came in from all over the world. The listeners can be brutally honest, but 'Truth' in general was well received."

The musically prolific duo, Andrews and Hagenfeldt (who is straight), did a dance remix for Jasmine Trias of "American Idol" fame.

San Franciscan Andrews wasn't always such a hunky RealJock. In December 2004, the 6-foot-2 dreamboat tipped the scales at 230 pounds.

Using a combination of sit ups, yoga, weight training, stair master and dieting, Andrews lost 45 pounds.

"I tried not to eat fried foods (salad instead) and reduce the chocolate (fat free Red Vines)," he said.

"Dante's Cove" replays frequently on Here! TV. Check your local listings for showtimes.

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