Doctors reverse first penis transplant

By RealJock Staff

Two weeks after the first successful penis transplant, doctors in China reversed the surgery at the request of the patient and his wife, who suffered severe psychological problems following the transplant, according to MSNBC News Services.

The 44-year-old transplant recipient lost his penis in an accident, leaving him only a small stump, MSNBC reported. He was unable to urinate or have sex.

The transplant penis was donated by the family of a 22-year-old brain dead man and attached in a 15-hour microsurgery.

Ten days after the surgery, the patient had been able to urinate out of the 4-inch transplant penis.

"The patient finally decided to give up the treatment because of the wife’s psychological rejection, as well as the swollen shape of the transplanted penis," Dr. Hu Weilie at Guangzhou General Hospital wrote in the journal of European Urology.