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    Photo Credit: courtesy of Kevin Ware

Real Athlete: Tennis player Kevin Ware

By RealJock Staff

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Tennis stud and Web guru Kevin Ware, 42, serves up aces in the fitness department.

Why do you want to be featured as a Real Athlete?
I'd like to show that you can have good conditioning at any age. I also feel it's important to represent healthy lifestyles of and for men of color.

What is your fitness level?

How do you stay fit?
I play lots of tennis, do cardio on an elliptical and work my abs on the cardio days to help maintain good core strength.

Do you play a sport? If yes, what and how long have you played?
I've played tennis in the S.F. Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation for the past eight years.

What's the highest level of sports that you've achieved? Are you out in your sport?
I've won a few events at the B level in the GLTF. I was on the winning GLTF team for the inaugural Pac Cup competition. And, yes, I'm very out!

What is your favorite muscle group to train? Why?
Since my training is more for overall conditioning, my favorite is a hard elliptical workout because I know it will help me on court in long matches.

What's your favorite body part? Why? What's your least favorite body part? Why?
My favorite part is my legs because the hard work I do shows! Least favorite is my abs, because a six-pack can be totally reversed by gummy bears.

What sports and fitness goals have you achieved? What do you still want to accomplish? Why?
I've been a wrestler, cheerleader, professional dancer and a club tennis player. I'd like to stay fit enough to push myself as long as I can.

What inspires you to train? Who inspires you?
The positive way working out makes me feel, both physically and mentally, inspires me to keep training hard. Andre Agassi inspires me, too.

What impact has sports and fitness had on your life?
Sports and fitness have defined most of my life. It's the main reason I feel more vital at 42 than many who are years younger.

What three words best capture your essence?
Intense. Passionate. Authentic.

What do you do in terms of diet, vitamins, nutrition and supplements to maintain your health?
I take several supplements daily, including Vitamin C (or Emergen-C), Echinacea, Glucosamine-Chondroitin, Probiotics and a male supplement.

What's your best health and fitness secret?
The best secret is that there is no secret. Work out sanely and consistently, eat a healthy diet with occasional rewards and your body will benefit.