Fox News gets far right reprimand

By RealJock Staff

Fox News, known for its right of center reporting, took an unusual right hook when uber-Christian ally Americans for Truth accused the cable network of promoting the homosexual agenda.

No, not because Bill O'Reilly is dead sexy and sure to turn any red-blooded boy into a craven homo. The organization is upset because Fox News donated $10,000 to the National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association convention, according to Window Media reports.

"Fox News cannot claim to be 'fair and balanced' in its coverage of homosexuality while providing large grants to a special interest group like the [NLGJA] that demonizes religious conservatives," Peter LaBarbera, head of Americans for Truth, wrote in a letter to Fox News President Roger Ailes, according to a report by Window Media.

LaBarbera is demanding that Fox News donate $10,000 to a "pro-family" organization to balance out the equation, according to Window Media.