Introducing RealJock's new text/video messenger beta

By Team RealJock

You've been asking, we've been listening. Since we launched earlier this year, we couldn't help but notice the two things you kept asking for were:

  1. Better instant messaging
  2. Video chatting
Welcome to the IM beta
So we built them both. Or, to be exact, we're in the middle of building them both. RealJock is happy to announce the beta release of a new RealJock instant messaging product, complete with the ability to video chat in real time. Please note that "beta" means we're live-testing the product, so it's not going to be perfect and you may have some problems while we work out the kinks.

Getting started
The new instant messenger uses individual pop-up messages for one-on-one text and video chat. To begin a conversation with another member who is online, simply click on the "Send instant message" link on that member's profile, or click the "Online now" button for a member in the search results. From there it's pretty self-explanatory. For more information, or if you're having problems using it, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the bottom of this page.

What's new in the RealJock beta instant messenger?
Check out some of the new features in our instant messenger:
  1. Video chat—Now you can video chat with other members. Just plug in your web cam and click the "send a/v" button in the IM window to get started (see Photo 2)
  2. Text formatting—Our new messenger lets you say it bolder, with underlines or italics (see Photo 3)
  3. Emoticons— Send smiley faces, sad faces, angry face, or little red hearts. How gay is that? :) (see Photo 4)
  4. Kisses and smacks—It came with the system, but we thought it was cute enough to give it a try. Send a kiss or a smack to another member (see Photo 5)
Messenger preferences
There are two preferences you can change for the RealJock messenger:
  1. Bring/Do not bring new messages to the front—The system is defaulted to not bring new messages to the front.
  2. Play/Do not play sound when new message is received—The system is defaulted to not play a sound when you receive a new message.
To change these preferences, go to the Preferences section.

Below find answers to commonly answered questions about our new beta instant messenger. Need more help? Send us a question from our Help form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is RealJock messenger?
RealJock messenger is RealJock's new instant messaging system that allows you to have one-on-one text, video and audio chats with other RealJock members.

What are the system requirements for using RealJock Messenger?
You must have Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) installed on your system to use RealJock Messenger. If you do not have Flash installed, you can get it here.

I have Flash installed but I still can't get the messenger to work.
If you have Flash installed but can't get the Messenger to work, your ISP or your company's ISP may be blocking Flash. To test this, visit the FlashComGuru site and follow the instructions. Note that if your company or ISP have Flash communication blocked, you will be unable to use our instant messaging application.

When I try to instant message or video chat with someone, the loading progress bar freezes before it's complete.
If you meet all of the above criteria and the instant messenger still won't work for you, it's possible that you are either on a very slow connection such as a dial-up modem, or your system has cached something that is preventing it from connecting to the RealJock messenger.

If you are on a very slow connection, please try again from a faster connection such as a DSL, cable modem, or other fast Internet line.

If you are on a fast connection, have Flash installed, and have satisfied the minimum system requirements, please try clearing your cache and restarting your computer. Instructions for clearing your cache can be found below:
  • Internet Explorer: Open the IE browser, click on Tools menu, then choose Internet Options. Press Delete files button on the General tab.
  • Firefox: Open the Firefox browser, click on Tools, then choose Privacy menu, then Cache tab. Press the Clear Cache button.
  • Safari: Open a Safari browser, click on Safari menu, then Empty Cache.
How do I start an instant message with someone?
If another RealJock member is online, you can simply click on the "Send instant message" link on the left-hand side of his profile, or the "Online Now" button from search results. If the member is not online, you will not see a "Send instant message" link, and the search results will have an "Offline Now" button.

Does the system send an instant message when I open up an instant message window?
No. You must type a message and send it for the system to open up an instant message window for the other user. Simply opening the instant message window does not initiate an instant message with the other person.

What happens when I instant message someone?
It may take a few seconds for the RealJock messenger to load. Please be patient. Once it loads, you can send the other member a message. When you do that you will get a message that the system is waiting for them to connect.

How do I video chat with someone?
To video chat with another user, plug in your web cam and make sure it is set up, then make sure no other programs (such as Yahoo! Messenger or iChat) are using the web cam. Next, open an instant message window with that user. To begin sending your video/audio, click the "Send a/v" button on the messenger. For some systems, such as iSight for video chat, you will need to grant Flash access to your camera.

Macintosh iSight users can configure Flash to access their iSight camera as follows:
  1. Open an instant message window with another user.
  2. Once the window comes up, control click on your member name. A menu will pop up that has a "Settings..." option. Select "Settings..."
  3. The Settings "Privacy" panel will pop up. Click on the radio button to "Allow" the system to access your camera, then check the "Remember" box so that you will not be asked every time you use the RealJock messenger.
  4. Click the "Close" button.
Are you still having problems? Send us a question from our Help form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.