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RealJock introduces RealJockShop

By Team RealJock

Here at RealJock, we're pleased to announce the launch of RealJockShop, our new online shopping site where you can find great-for-gay-guys clothing and workout gear. What you see now is just the beginning; we’ll be adding a lot more products in the coming weeks.

We created RealJockShop in partnership with LA Sporting Club, the popular clothing retailer and manufacturer located in the heart of West Hollywood. We like the partnership because it marries our individual strengths; LASC supplies the great product, and we supply the web know-how and a great community of athletic guys.

RealJockShop carries a selection of t-shirts, tank tops, workout gear, sweatshirts, swimsuits and underwear. You’ll find some of our favorite brands including 2(x)ist, BC Ethic, C-IN2, Diesel, Levi's and LASC, and we'll adding a lot more every few weeks as we build out the shop.

Check it out: RealJockShop. We're much obliged.