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New at RealJock: Member Testimonials

By RealJock Staff

What do you like best about your favorite RealJock buddy? Is it his prowess on the soccer field, his goofy charm when he busts out the Justin Timberlake moves on the dance floor, or his uncanny ability to wolf down a whole three-cheese pizza and keep his six-pack abs intact (and at the same time never make you feel bad about his genetic superiority)?

Well, RealJock is pleased to announce the addition of testimonials to our member profiles. For those not familiar with this popular social networking feature, testimonials are comments/images from one member that appear on another member's profile expressing what he likes about him. Besides giving an interesting third-party perspective on a member, they also help validate that he's a cool guy and not a long-lost relative of Norman Bates.

Read below for a simple introduction to testimonials. If you have more questions, just submit them via our Help form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

RealJock Testimonials Can Contain Text, Images and HTML
We've opened up testimonials so you can say it not just with text but with images and HTML. You can add emphasized text like bold and italics, photos, and even links. See photos 2 and 3 above for a couple of examples of the kinds of testimonials you can leave on your friends' profiles. We've kept it simple in our examples, but you can add some pretty fancy testimonials if you know HTML.

Adding Testimonials
If you have a guy you think deserves your testimonial, simply click on the Add Testimonial button on the bottom of his profile, then enter in the text and/or HTML you want to use. You can preview the testimonial to make sure your text or HTML is good to go, and then submit it.

Testimonials Must Be Approved by the Member
Once you've submitted a testimonial to another member, it goes into his review queue. RealJock sends him a message asking him to review the testimonial and approve or reject it. If he approves it, it will show up on his profile. If he rejects it, the system throws it away. We do not inform members who submit a testimonial whether it has been approved or rejected.

Please Be Respectful
Yes, it's the freewheeling Internet, but that doesn't mean it's OK to release your inner brat. We suggest you don't waste your own time or the time of other members by submitting rude or disrespectful testimonials. Chances are, the other guy will simply reject your testimonial, and if we get too many complaints about you, you'll get the boot from our system.

Side note to guys with hidden profiles: You cannot enter a testimonial when your profile is completely hidden. We made this decision because we don't see the point of a testimonial from a member than nobody can see.

Have fun with testimonials! Next on RealJock's to-do list: Message boards and forums.